Monument of Maksim Bahdanovich in Minsk

Monument of Maksim Bahdanovich in Minsk


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Bahdanovich`s bunch of cornflowers.

Monuments of the prominent people also live their lives and have their own story. Maksim Bahdanovich`s monument in Minsk is not an exception either. It was founded in the capital of Belarus on 9 December 1981. It was exposed on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of poet`s birth.

Perpetuated in bronze

The implementation of the monument construction was brought into reality by the Belarusian sculptor s. Vakar and architects Y. Kazakov and L. Maskalievich. Maksim Bahdanovich is perpetuated in bronze. The sculpture is 4, 6 meters tall. The poet just stands with his arms crossed on the red granite pedestal. The cornflowers, favorite flowers of the young genius are in Bahdanovich`s hand. Exactly the cornflowers are the most mentioned flowers in Bahdanovich`s works. The poet`s heart is in them, they are the source of endless inspiration.

In 2008 local authorities sent he monument to restoration. But the public representatives said that the statue allegedly wouldn’t` be returned to its original spot. However the monument was returned back though its new location wasn`t in front of the very entrance of the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus but a little off it just nearer the place where at the old times the poet`s house was situated.

The meeting place

Maksim Bahdanovich`s monument is up there right now at the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus in a walking distance from the museum dedicated to life and work of the poet. It is in the famous area of the Trinity Suburb whose atmosphere today inspires creative people. Going for a stroll here numerous travelers may place some flowers on the monument and take a photo against the monument.

It is worthy of note that special creative spirit can be felt here in the evening with yellow lantern light make the silhouette of Maksim Bahdanovich`s monument more romantic and one can`t help recalling the famous lines: «Zorka Venera uzyishla nad ziamlioyu…» Theatregoers, lovers and usual tourists meet by the monument of Maksim Bahdanovich. In summer and in winter the atmosphere here is especially good. In summer when the sun goes down and its rays illuminate the monument; and in winter too when soft fluffy snow quietly falls on the poet`s hands.

Short life

Maksim Bahdanovich passed away at the age when things start to happen for many people. The poet was under the age of 26. That was a very significant loss for the Belarusian literature. So much Maksim could have written! But on the other hand his poetry is of great value and the example of how gifted and hardworking can be a single person.

Tourists are offered to visit both the museum of Maksim Bahdanovich and his two subsidiaries. But Maksim Bahdanovich`s monument deserves not only individual trip, at least a short walk is advisable. Because it is all the history of the entire Belarusian people, our pride and memory of really valuable and significant things. Such persons like Maksim Bahdanovich prove Belarusian land is rich in talented people and all of them are our infinite pride.

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