A monument to Lenin in Volkovysk

Volkovysk, mantled with legends, annually attracts many tourists. This wonderful town is situated on the Ross River and is the administrative center of the district. Nowadays here live a little over forty thousand people. Such towns represent the true face of the country. Here is no ostentatious luxury of expensive hotels, huge high-rises and dense weave of transport routes. This is the most beautiful town with ancient churches, lush crowns of trees and fascinating view of the turquoise waters of chalk which quarries near it. Of course, this settlement has its own attractions. It is not only buildings – the town has several interesting sculptures.

A monument to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was set on the central square of Volkovysk in 1967. The sculpture is on a high stone pedestal and has a majestic look. Lenin, depicted in the statue, looks thoughtfully in the distance. The monument was cleaned and put in order in 2013, but it still needs a more powerful reconstruction.

It’s not a secret for anybody that there was a real cult around the figure of Lenin in Soviet times. Central squares, main streets and entire settlements were renamed in his honor. Even the city on the Neva River changed the name from Petrograd to Leningrad. Portraits of Vladimir Lenin still hang on many buildings of the post-Soviet period. About twelve monuments were built in Grodno region in Soviet times. One of them, located in the city of Grodno, was destroyed during the World War II. Today it is difficult to count how many monuments were established on the territory of the USSR. Sculptural works were mass production, and often the work of the same sculptor was repeatedly reproduced in other localities. Monuments to Lenin are a part of the Soviet tradition, a symbol of the Communist ideology and an integral element of our history. Similar monuments are also in many foreign countries, for example, in Vietnam, the USA and Antarctica.

Of course, a huge number of streets and squares are named after prominent figures of the USSR. Certainly, an incredible variety of monuments to Vladimir Lenin are set in countries, which once were a part of the Soviet Union. And though the attitude of modern people to the former leader of the people strongly differs in our time, we should respect the history of our country, know its leaders and keep the memory of important events and famous figures. Another hundred years will pass, and people will take another look at the Soviet world, Lenin, communism. It is very important to preserve every monument of culture today.