A new monument to V.I.Lenin in Soligorsk

A new monument to V.I.Lenin in Soligorsk


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In spite of its traditional situation in the town, near the central square of Soligorsk, this monument to V.I.Lenin differs a little from other monuments depicting the leader of the world proletariat.

22 years later

It is no coincidence that it is situated in such a place, because the monument was erected only in 1980. I.e. only 22 years after the town of Soligorsk was formed on Lenin Street there appeared a reminder of the great personality in the history of the USSR.  This late appearance of the monument makes it different from its predecessors. People wanted not a monument but a grandstand, calling for action.

An ordinary historical fixation made in the form of the bust was enough. The author of the work was the most famous in the Soviet time sculptor Andrey Bembel.

A unique attraction

Today tourists come to Soligorsk to visit not only numerous churches and cathedrals that fill the town. Tourist routes include a visit to the monument to V.I.Lenin, whose unusual history makes the monument a unique attraction.  

A global scale

Such figure as V.I.Lenin certainly deserves attention and is a personality of a global scale. Moreover you can see monuments to Lenin all over the world: there are monuments in Russia, the Republic of Belarus, Sweden, and Hungary. The statue of the leader is even in Antarctica.

Most monuments located all over the world look similar to each other, i.e. Lenin stands on them calling people or showing them the direction in which to move. But the monument in Soligorsk is unusual on its image.  It is a great opportunity to attract additional tourists to the town, isn’t it? In fact, a history will be interesting for a foreigner that is why the author chose this method of depicting the revolutionary. And Belarusians will be interested in it as well.

It is important to the modern generation of schoolchildren remember V.I.Lenin. Even a small excursion in the town of Soligorsk will interest guys. Thanks to it they will be able to see that that besides the usual monuments in their hometowns, there are still not quite usual images of Grandfather Lenin.

It is interesting that the bust of V.I.Lenin in Soligorsk is one of the last works of Andrey Bembel.  It will be interesting for tourists interested in the works of the famous sculptor to learn about the life of Bembel.

We are left with quite a rich legacy of Lenin in the form of many books and postulates. Though his works are read now not so often as it was before, however, they will be kept for generations. After all, the man who created them is a famous person, is recognized as the political genius who managed to realize his idea, to “inflame” millions of people in his time, to become an example for imitation. The monument to Lenin in Soligorsk is worth visiting in the 21st century as well. 


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