The Monument to Linin in Schuchin

One of the standard monuments to Vladimir Lenin is installed in the town Schuchin of the Grodno region in Western Belarus. The town is situated fifty-seven kilometers eastward from the regional center Grodno. The population in Schuchin is about fifteen thousand people.

The statue was installed in 1980 in the central square of the city. The sculpture stands on a pedestal with stair leading to it. To the 470th anniversary of Schuchin the bronze monument was restored, its pedestal was repaired and the whole Liberty square was put in order. There are also a local supermarket and a building of the district Executive Committee. The sculptor of the standard monument to Lenin is unknown. They used to be cast by a pattern.

Such similar and, at first glance, boring monuments to the leader of the world proletariat located in almost every location bear a much greater meaning than it may seem. The Soviet period lasted for almost sixty-nine years. Almost seventy years! How many events happened during this time, how many children were born during the existence of the great state! The population of the USSR numbered about three hundred million people. Almost all citizens were guaranteed a job, a large part of the population belonged to the "middle class". The standard of living did not much differ. A worker at the factory could get more than a director. The Soviet army was the most powerful in the world, and science in the USSR developed very rapidly: the first space flight was made by the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin; the Soviet Union became the second state in the world that had experienced an atomic bomb.

Of course, there were downsides. Totalitarianism has led the country to political paralysis. Election of the head of state was only a formality. Repression, dispossession, prisons – these all were in the USSR. It was very difficult to travel outside the Soviet Union, even simply on vacation. It was almost impossible to express freely opinions. The goods needed for everyday life of the population, were often in short supply. But, thanks to strict control from the side of the authorities, the level of culture and morality in the USSR was very high. Television broadcasted kind and really funny movies; parents quietly let their children walk without adult supervision in the street, and the medicine was completely free. The USSR was a powerful state which has not survived its totalitarianism. Yes, there were many problems and difficulties, but the advantages were quite significant. In any case, it is our past and our experience. You cannot tear out these pages. Almost seventy years of history cannot and should not be forgotten.

Schuchin is a small town with long history and hospitable people. Like many other towns of Belarus it has belonged to different States, and has seen important historical events, and as a result it has become a cozy provincial Belarusian town, pleasing tourists with its pleasant atmosphere, as well as ancient and modern attractions. There are historical fragments of the Soviet past, structures of the nineteenth century and simply beautiful nature of this magical land.