A monument to V. I. Lenin in Pruzhany

A monument to V. I. Lenin in Pruzhany


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Pruzhany is a city in the Brest region of Belarus, which is the administrative center of the Pruzhany district. The town is located on picturesque banks of the river Mukhavets.

The first mentions of these lands were rooted in 1433. In those days these areas named Prushan volost. According to historical judgments, this name was taken after the settlement of the Prussians in these parts. In 1487, this town was called Dobuchin, but the name Pruzhany was documented in 1589.

Thus far there are preserved individual buildings in Pruzhany. They represented the artistic, historical and architectural merit. However, the point at issues is about Vladimir Lenin’s monument, which was installed in Gregory Sheerm Street in 1977 and nowadays is located in front of the regional administration building. This memorial can be called the biggest one about the region. The height of the monument is eight meters (where three and a half meters - the height of a massive granite socle). The author of the sculpture is Lev Nikolaevich Gumilevsky, well-known and talented painter of the Byelorussian SSR.

The composition of the monument underlines the solemn character of the leader, as he was treated as before restructuring. Looking at the sculpture, the most interesting is how the author masterfully embodied volitional recollection, internal focus and creative energy of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin that makes him alive. Leaning forward, he grips his cap in bronze hand. Simultaneously intent and cool look, a strict coat and the way is swinging in the wind – these symbolize the idea of revolution.

The main attention of this sculpture is a granite slab with a dissymmetric, rather high pedestal. The tradition to lay flowers to the monuments came fr om the Soviet time. And, not surprisingly, Lenin’s monument has the biggest popularity. Chic bouquets at the foot of his monument in Pruzhany are a symbol of appreciation and gratitude for predecessors presented to hope for a brighter future.

Around the monument are great beauty flowerbeds. The square’s paved with slabs stone and landscaped with Engelmann spruce.

It is worth noting that other soldiers of revolution movement are also remembered in Pruzhany. By a memorial plate was commemorated the building wh ere in 1920 was the first executive committee.

The heroes of the Great Patriotic War never-to be-forgotten as well. There is a memorial of a guerrilla activist Vera Khoruzhaya (which is the creation of the popular Belarusian sculptor Zaire Azgur).

Pruzhany – surprisingly clean and well smart town, which attracts many tourists from different countries by its flavor.

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, Pruzhany , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 350 km

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