A monument to Lenin in Polotsk

A monument to Lenin in Polotsk


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Polotsk is the most ancient city of the country, first mentioned in 862.

This Belarusian city has a lot of sights attracting here thousands of tourists. First of all, these are architectural monuments which survived centuries and preserved till our days as direct witnesses of past events.  

There are some extant archaeological items which also confirm the antiquity and significance of the settlement.

Also, the city has plenty of monuments dedicated to a series of events and personalities that have left their mark in history. Mainly these monuments were opened in the 20th and 21stcenturies.  

One of Polotsk monuments is a sculpture to Lenin, located in the Park on Francisk Skorina Avenue, named in honor of Belarusian first printer, scientist, philosopher and writer, who had been born in the city of Polotsk.

The monument to Lenin in Polotsk is a typical monument to this statesman, which was created according to the project of the famous Soviet sculptor of Armenian origin Sergey Merkurov.

The monument to Lenin is set on a small pedestal. The pose of Lenin, whose real name was Vladimir Ulyanov, is calm; his right leg is stretched off to the side, the left arm is bent at the elbow.

Not far fr om the location of the monument there is a street named after Lenin, beginning with the intersection with Skorina Avenue and stretching to the intersection with a street also named in honor of Francisk Skorina. To the east of the monument to Lenin on the other side of the Avenue here is this monument. It appeared in a memory of the outstanding fellow countryman in 1974.

Many other monuments are also established in Polotsk. Right next to the sculpture to Lenin you can also see a monument to Symeon Polotsky, a theologian, spiritual writer, cultural figure, court astrologer, who was born in Polotsk in the first half of the 17thcentury.

Close to the monument there is also a monument to another famous native of the city - Yuri Tarich - the Director and script writer of the first Belarusian film “Lesnaya Byl” (Forest story).

Besides the monument, which are many in settlements of Belarus, Polotsk has also an unusual Museum wh ere you can see a large number of busts of the first Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the Russian SFSR, whom was Lenin. The Museum is called “Lenin’s epoch”. In addition to the busts of the leader of the October revolution, you can also see here sculptures of associates of Vladimir Ulyanov and other items related to the Soviet period. This Museum is located on Kotovsky Street in an annexe of the private house of Nikolay Pankrat, a local resident who gathered an unusual collection at his own expense. 

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