A monument to Lenin in Kobrin

A monument to Lenin in Kobrin


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Few of the inhabitants of the Republic of Belarus know about the unique beauty of the city of Kobrin, which is located in a wonderfully picturesque place of the Belarusian Polesye on the flat banks of the river called the Mukhavets.

What can we tell about Kobrin? It looks an obscenely clean, well-kept settlement, with its rich history and, of course, the unique architectural works. This city has rather a large number of both ancient and modern monuments of art.

Strolling along clean and well-maintained streets of the city of Kobrin, it is impossible to ignore the symbol of the Soviet era, which is located on the main square of the city — Lenin square, not far from the Museum of Suvorov. Close to it there is a hotel, the people's court, the city administration building and, of course, the Palace of Culture.

The first variation of this monument appeared in 1940. However, this memorial has not been preserved to our days. It was destroyed without delay at the very beginning of the German occupation, as soon as the enemy occupied the city. The monument to the so-called “Leader of the people”was restored only in 1961. This memorial has no any significant historical importance, because it is made in the contemporary “soviet” style and is not completely different from the many similar monuments throughout the CIS.

The figure of V.I.Lenin is performed in his full height. His right leg stands firmly on the pedestal and the left one as if steps back, that visually creates a sense of movement. It seems that V.I.Lenin moves towards his people. Besides, his posture may be considered as a bold challenge to his opponent.  In the left hand sculpted Lenin holds his hat as if he tore it off from the head during an eloquent speech. The face of Lenin shows resolution, confidence and at the same time a concern about the fate of millions of ordinary people.

It also should be noted that the represented image of V.I.Lenin tells about the strength of mind, courage and greatness of the leader of the world proletariat. Exactly in such an image he appeared in front of his people and stuck in the mind of millions of working people, for whose rights he fought all his life.

One cannot help noting the fact that on the opposite side from the monument to Lenin still stands “a hall of fame”. Though nowadays it has a more contemporary appearance and looks more like a Bulletin Board, but the essence of the Board remains the same.

Until recently in the city of Kobrin were located three monuments to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.  There was almost nothing known about the existence of one of them, because the monument had been erected on the territory of the toolmaker, which is located on Proletarskaya Street. Unfortunately, the third monument has not been preserved to our days. It was located in the Park on Sovetskaya Street. On the day of the birth of the Leader of the people schoolchildren stood the so-called “honor guard” both at this memorial and the other two. Nowadays on the place of that park and monument stands a dwelling house.



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