The monument to Lenin in Bykhov

The monument to Lenin in Bykhov


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Geographical position 

Bykhov is located in the south of Mogilev region, it is the regional centre of Bykhov district. The distance from Mogilev to Bykhov is 50 km. The Dnieper - one of the largest rivers of Belarus flows in Bykhov district. 

Historical background

The date of the town foundation is 1370. The town was called Old Bykhov in the chronicles of the middle XV century. The first official settlement owner was Prince Svidrigaylo, after which Bykhov belonged to the Gastolds. The most eventful period began from the moment when Bykhov was owned by Lev Sapega. After the first partition of Poland Bykhov became a part of the Russian Empire. The town played an important role in the setting of Soviet authority, as it was in Bykhov where the participants of Kornilov conspiracy were being concluded since September 12 during a month. 


At the beginning of 2016 about 17 thousand people lived Bykhov. 


The period of the Soviet ruling had a great influence on the decoration of Bykhov. The buildings of national importance, and most of the monuments were erected just at the time when the town belonged to the USSR territory.

One of the Soviet epoch monuments is the monument to V.I. Lenin. There are several of such monuments in Bykhov. One of them takes an honourable place in front of the executive committee. The sculpture of the world proletariat leader was installed in 1958. Lenin is depicted in the most popular position - with his right hand stretched forth, which points which way the Soviet people should go. The leader’s focused look is directed into the bright future of communism.

In addition, there is a statue to Lenin in micro-district Bykhov-1, where it is placed on the Heroes' Square.

The fate of another monument to Lenin, which was located on Krasnoarmeyskaya street, found a big resonance in mass media. It used to meet vegetable dehydration plant workers at the checkpoint. In April 2013, it was dismantled. Various newspapers and news portals gave the event a political colour at once. But later, after the message of the ideological work department head of Bykhov District Executive Committee, it became clear that the monument dismantling took place due to its dilapidated state. The monument’s shoulder was about to fell off, a crack appeared on the body. Initially, there were talks about the full restoration of the monument, as in the past they had managed to hide its defects. And then it was decided not to return the monument to the place, which spoiled the general town view with its appearance, since events dedicated to the Day of Belarusian Written Language were to take their place soon in Bykhov.

According to the authorities’ representative, the memory of the world proletariat leader is honoured in Bykhov. On the holidays dates, associated with the Soviet power, flowers were always layed there. The place of the dismantled monument will not remain empty for long. Now a project dedicated to a commemorative of the canning and vegetable dehydration plant is being developed. It has been promised to find a respective place for the dismantled monument. The options of placing it on the plant’s territory or the "residence" in the park of monuments were considered.

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