A monument to Lenin in Bolshaya Berestovitsa

Perhaps, there is no one in the Republic of Belarus and on the whole post-Soviet territory who does not know Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. The outstanding state and political figure founded the world’s first socialist state. Lenin created a great number of works in the field of philosophy and Marxism, he wrote about creating socialism and criticized imperialism and capitalism, described the theory and practice of socialist revolution.

Monuments to this prominent person are set in many localities. Bolshaya Berestovitsa has not become an exception – it is an urban village in Grodno region located not far from the border with Poland. Like many other localities of the Republic of Belarus, Bolshaya Berestovitsa is an old settlement with a rich history. Here stand in beauty ancient temples and other historically significant buildings, because the village is more than five thousand years.  German troops walked through those lands; the village was occupied by the Poles and the Bolsheviks.

In Soviet times, it was decided to build there a monument to Lenin, because he was the most famous and very significant person who stood at the origins of the USSR. So, in 1985 in the central square of the village a high pedestal with several levels was placed, and a rather large statue depicting the Great figure to his full height was placed on it. It holds a scroll of paper in his right hand.

Opinions about Lenin usually differ. Someone considers him a genius and almost a deity; others consider him a villain who did much harm to Russia. But one thing is certain: Lenin is a historical figure who played a huge role in the lives of millions of people. By the way, more than fifty percent of the respondents think positively about the personality of the Creator of the socialist society.