Monument of Remembrance in honor of Kupriyanov family in Zhodino


This monument is located in a small Belarusian town Zhodino, Minsk region. It tells several stories at once: about the hard women's sorry lot, the ruthlessness of war, and what the real mother's love is. The monument in honor of Kupriyanov is a memory not only to one family, but also to all those who did not return fr om war.

During the Great Patriotic War, every fourth Belarusian soldier died. This is evidenced by statistics, it is still discussed, and will be discussed for a long time. Since such horrible events will never be forgotten and will be stored in the memory of generations forever.


Kupriyanov’s monument of remembrance was opened in 1975. It represents six figures made of bronze. The figure of the mother is on a higher pedestal, and on a lower pedestal the figures of her sons, going to the front, are mounted. The authors of the monument are sculptors I. Misko, A. Zaspitsky, N. Rizhenkov and an architect O. Trofimchuk.
Kupriyanov family became a prototype for this monument. A resident of Zhodino city Anastasia Kupriyanova spent her entire life working hard. She gave birth to five sons: Nicholas, Michael, Stepan, Vladimir and Peter. All of them worked, too, and then went to the front. Following them went to the partisans and their mother. Anastasia Kupriyanova helped partisans by preparing meals, washing and cleaning. Probably, a mother's heart believed that someone will help her sons in return.
Unfortunately, her sons didn’t return home. All of them were killed at the front. Mother returned to Zhodino after the liberation of Belarus and continued to work for the rest of her life.


No tourist route goes by without a stop at Kupriyanov’s monument. This monument is located at the highway Minsk - Moscow. Of course, it causes a lot of emotions in those who come in Zhodino, it does not leave anyone indifferent. This monument is a symbol of those sons and daughters who didn’t return from the battle, and mothers whose children were taken by war.
In the house wh ere Anastasia Kupriyanova lived, the museum was open. The streets of Belarusian cities are named in honor of Kupriyanov brothers. So, the streets in memory of Pavel Kupriyanov are located in Zhodino, Vileyka, Slutsk, Smolevichi and, of course, Minsk. One of the vocational school in Zhodino received its name in honor of Kupriyanov brothers.
Visiting the monument of remembrance in Zhodino make tourists think about what kind of destructive power war bears, as it takes the closest people and destroys people's lives. Belarus still remembers the black pages of history, because they make up our past that cannot be forgotten.