The monument "Geographical center of Europe" in Polotsk

Polotsk is a city located on the banks of the Western Dvina. To get from the capital of Belarus to this city of Vitebsk region you should cover a distance of 225 km.  

The geographical center of Europe is called a hypothetical point that marks the territorial centre of this geographical entity. the borders of Europe have a great influence on the location of this point, but mostly it all depends on the method of calculation.

The center of Europe situated in Polotsk  

In the early 21stcentury the Belarusian scientists Alexey Solomonov and Valery Anoshko conducted researches, in the results of which were interested even mass media. The geodesists used methods of aerospace photography in their calculations. According to According to the obtained data, the center of Europe is located 48 km South-West of Polotsk and is located near Lake Sho. Britain and Ireland in the calculations were considered as mainlands.

Russian scientists of the Central research Institute of geodesy, aerospace photography and cartography double-checked the data of the Belarusian colleagues and announced a verdict about their veracity.

One of the most interesting monuments of Belarus situated in Polotsk

The local authorities of Polotsk decided to immortalize on the territory of Belarus the location of the geographical center of Europe, placing a monument here. Thereby, the point was transferred and changed the coordinates a little, but in general the idea remained the same. The monument appeared thanks to the architect Ivan Borovik and sculptor Alexander Prokhorov. The base of the sculpture was decided to make a wind rose. The next layer is represented by the Northern hemisphere of the Earth with a detailed map of Europe. Arcs – meridians – cross above the map.  They hold a three-masted ship which is the symbol of Polotsk. Inscriptions in the Swedish, Russian, Greek, English and Belarusian languages say about the name of the monument “Geographical center of Europe”.

To see the sights of Polotsk and take a photo in the centre of Europe

The monument “Geographical center of Europe” was presented to residents of the city on the last day of the spring of 2008 on the celebration of the birthday of Polotsk. The sculpture is very popular among tourists, because, having been photographed on its background, you can proudly claim that you touched the very center of Europe.

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