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The Monument to Francisc Skorina in Minsk (the BSU)

The Monument to Francisc Skorina in Minsk (the BSU)


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Francisc Skorina is a legendary historical figure known throughout Europe who was at the origin of humanism and Renaissance. As it is known, a gifted man is talented in everything. This statement can be applied to Francisc Skorina, who can be described only by means of the adjective "the first". He is the first book printer in the East Slavic territory, the first publisher of the Bible in the "people’s" old Belarusian language, the first doctor of medicine in Belarus. It is difficult to overestimate the contribution made by this person to the development of not only our country but the entire European enlightened thought. For a good reason, the portrait of our glorious countryman and is still in "the Hall of the forty" at the Padua University, where, as you know, Skorina received the title of Doctor of Medicine. Moreover, he received without studying within its walls! It is known that the gifted young man arrived in Italy and very successfully passed the examination externally.

The great humanist and educator: Francisc Skorina

Francisc Skorina is a native of the Belarusian town of Polotsk. There he was taught by monks-Bernardians who opened a school at their monastery, learned the Latin language. Then he continued his education at Cracow and Padua Universities.

Skorina's printing activities were connected with Vilnius and Prague. In Prague he opened a printing house where he published his first book entitled "the Psalms" (1517). The book was published in Cyrillic in the old Slavonic language. In 1520 Skorina developed his activities in Vilna. In the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania he founded the first printing house in the territory of the state and with the support of art patrons he published several more books (1522 – "The Small Travel Book," 1525 -"The Apostle").

It is not surprising that the legacy and impact of this historical figure could not but be immortalized in the form of monuments and statues.

Skorina in the square of the BSU

The square of the BSU is a truly original and unique place located in Minsk. There has been found a place not only for the Belarusian first printer, but for other equally influential and important historical figures. In the square there are statues of Euphrosyne of Polotsk, the enlightener and the first canonized female saint; Mikola Gusovsky, the author of the poem "the Song about a Bison"; Vasily Tyapinsky and Simon Budny, the famous thinkers and figures of the reformation.

The monument to Francisc Skorina was installed in 1999. At the time he became the first Minsk monument dedicated to this figure. Sergei Adashkevich was honored to embody the first Belarusian book printer in sculpture, and the finished art work was donated to the main University of the country  by the Minsk Social and Educational Association "Spadchyna". The tradition has grown among the students to come before exams and ask the great humanist for "a clear head". Therefore, the sculpture still enjoys enormous popularity.

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