Monument to the militia battalion of Captain K.G. Vladimirova

The monument to the militia battalion of Captain Konstantin Grigoryevich Vladimirova, who heroically defended the city of Mogilev during the Great Patriotic War, is located near the village of Gai. In order to perpetuate the feat of the courageous fighters of the militia battalion, grateful descendants in 1980 erected a monument in the form of a stele symbolizing the banner, on which bas-reliefs of the faces of two fighters stand out in relief (architect M. Kuznetsov, architect K. Alekseev).

In 2017, the Alley of Memory of the soldiers of the militia battalion was opened. The names of 17 dead fighters of the legendary battalion have been established. Steles made of black granite with initials and years of their lives, photos of most policemen are installed in honor of each hero. The search for other names of the battalion's fighters continues.