Architectural monument "Batoriyevka"
"Bathory" is a former royal residence.

Presumably, the palace was built for the magnate Kazimir Jan Sapieha, in the second half of the XVII century. Hence the second name of this residence: Sapieh Palace. Previously, the Potocki residence was supposedly located on this site, the walls of which, according to some hypotheses, could have been used in the construction of the Sapezhinsky palace. Kazimir Jan Sapieha was one of the most influential magnates of the INC. This explains the significant scale of his Grodno residence. The King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania August the Strong occupied the palace, and it was rebuilt by Saxon architects for the monarch himself. Thus, the building became the Grodno royal residence, the complex of which was adapted, among other things, for the reception of the Sejms of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It is believed that the sejms of 1718, 1726, 1729 were held in this residence. At the end of the XVIII century, the building passed to the Brzostovsky family, from whom it was confiscated by the tsarist administration in 1832. The palace was significantly damaged during the fire of 1885.

During the Second World War, it was heavily bombed. In the 1960s, a five-storey building was built on the ruins, on the ground floor there is a trading house "Bathory".
At the beginning of the XX century, a central hotel was established here, then a private gymnasium named after K. Barskovskaya. Now it is an ordinary building, similar to the house of the 50s, where the Department of Normal Anatomy of the Grodno State Medical University is located.


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