Lake Strusto

Lake Strusto is located on the territory of Braslav district of Vitebsk region. It is situated 4 km to the north fr om the district center and is the third largest among the Braslau Lakes yielding only to such natural objects as the Dryvyaty and Snudy.   

A general description of Lake Strusto

Its basin has a rather sophisticated shape and protruding above the water surface slopes are low and gentle, except the northern part of the reservoir. The shoreline length is 27.8 km. You can find here a large number of small coves and caves for proper quiet rest. Sandy and sandy-pebbly soils in some places have become waterlogged.

The area of this tourist object is 13 sq km and the maximum depth is 23 m. the length of Lake Strusto is 6.4 km and its width is 4.2 km.

The largest islands situated on this reservoir are Chaichin, Shova, Beryozovsky and Elenya as well. Island Chaichin is notable because it is the second largest site of this kind on the territory of the country with its private inland lake. As for island Shova the height of its slopes above the water surface reaches 20-25 m.  On their top there are two very small and crystal clear lakes.

The lake is fed by small streams and canals of the nearby running from Snudy, Boloiso, and Yelno lakes. It creates a good environment for the local flora and fauna that attract many tourists here. 

The flora of Lake Strusto

Reed and cane thickets are regularly met along the shoreline. From the southern and eastern sides of the reservoir its width is up to 150-200 m. Underwater species of plants live at a depth of no more than seven meters. There are relatively few representatives with floating leaves. The largest accumulation can be seen at the island Shova.  

The fauna of Lake Strusto

Today the existence of relict crustacean is noted inside the reservoirs. In total there live 22 species of fish among which the most common are whitefish, vendace, roach, tench and ide. In addition, eel and bream are periodically caught. Experienced fishermen come here for silver bream, ruff, redeye and pike.  

It is worth noting that here live rather large pikes and besides one can catch them using almost any type of lures. Shallow water is mainly inhabited by deltoides, which can be caught using rubber devices and spinners. A quiet hunt in more deep water requires the use of wobblers, massive oscillating spoon-baits and twisters.

The ecological characteristic of Lake Strusto

Despite some reduction of the water level and the occurrence of floodplains in the South-West of the reservoir and near the Islands, the object does not lose its tourist appeal. The official permission for fishing is buying a special tourist permit at the Directorate of the National Park “Braslav lakes” or at the tourist center “Drivyaty”.  

Up to the 30-ies of the last century, when a decrease in the level of the lake water occurred, the islands Chaichin, Shova and the now disappeared island Yurkovo were parts of the whole archipelago, wh ere the villages of Strusto and Island (Ostrov) were situated. Their inhabitants were actively involved in fishing and professionally butchered prey. They bought other products in the nearby settlements or exchanged for their catch.

The lake is considered one of the gems of Vitebsk region due to its tourist appeal for various groups of people.