Lake Rudakovo in Myadel

Lake Rudakovo in Myadel


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A small lake of Rudakovo is located close to bigger lakes The Naroch and The Myadel to the northwest of Minsk area. The formation of the lakes is associated with retreat of glaciers that melted after collision with  Svientsyan ridge. The formed lake trenches  were different in size and depth with a unique coastline relief. The Rudakovo, a beautiful lake with an oval shape, is included into the group of The Myadel lakes and has a big depth about 28 metres though its area is equal only to 240 square meters. The bottom of the lake is said to have crevices up to 30 and more meters in depth. The oxygen-rich water is very transparent in the lake creating favorable atmosphere for life and fish reproduction in this reservoir infested with fish. The water here is so crystal that aquatic plants are easily visible through.

The Rudakovo is situated a bit above than lakes Naroch and Myadel and is interconnected with the last small half overgrown canal thus the water from the Rudakovo does not flow anywhere else. It can be said that this lake is without outlet. If the canal was five meters deeper and a bit wider-the water filling the Rudakovo would flow to Myadel. As the lake is quite deep but protected from wind by hills of different height, only its water surface is heated when it is too hot and at a depth of 15 meters the temperature is about eight degrees.

The name of the lake was not chosen by chance, the word «rudyi» means «red» in old Slavonic language and Oscillatoria rubescens microscopic algae grows in the lake and actively develops under the ice in early spring forming algal bunch of rose-red colour. The algae float under the ice tinging the water a kind of unusual reddish color.

Annually the lake attracts numerous fishermen. In spite of the prohibition of the use of motorboats on the water, one can fish near the coast or use boats propelled by oars not to break the awesome silence reigning here. Tourists come here not only for fishing but just to have a rest on the sandy shores of the reservoir, swim in the cleanest water of the lake, it is believed to have healing properties as it contains admixtures of silver that decontaminate and clean the lake`s water. According to the legend a church had been before at the site of the lake but it was flooded with water, this fact explains the phenomenon of silver there. It is considered that swimming in this lake has the curative effect. To have a rest in the area of the  Rudakovo lake one can stay at one of the holiday camps located on the eastern shore of the reservoir or come here for a day without spending a night there. The holiday camps offer comfortable living conditions and organize leisure activities for their guests. So tourists can relax in a sauna, rent a boat and take a boat trip on the quiet lake and then go to the forest to pick mushrooms and berries as there are plenty of them in this area. By the way the Myadel group of lakes is part of the territory of the National Park Narochansky.

The reigning atmosphere here is charmingly pleasant indeed these sites have always been famous for their favorable natural conditions and enticing silence. Every self-respecting tourist should visit the lakes of Belarus in particular lake Rudakovo, one of the nicest reservoirs of the area is really worth seeing.

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, Myadel , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 165 km
  • Distance to airport: 167 km

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