Lake Obsterno

Most of all Belarusian men, regardless of age and social status consider fishing their favorite pastime. With the help of a fishing rod they can catch not only “food” but also have a rest with friends, enjoy nature and feel themselves earner. For many representatives of a strong half of population fishing takes a lot of spare time.

One of the most favorite places for fishermen is Lake Obsterno in Vitebsk region which is of great interest to hunters for fish of different types and sizes, and also for rest of the locals. And it is no wonder because the Lake is the most beautiful and picturesque corner of untouched wildlife among the civilization. A quite long shoreline makes it possible for everybody to rest here without restraint.  

The Obsterno adorns the south of Myory district and situated not far from the village Perebrodie. The lake is a part of Braslav-Myory group of lakes. Here often come not only the locals but also guests from other regions of Belarus. You can find a large amount of good places to stay on the shore and on the territory of the nearby forest. That is why in summer large companies often rest here: they set up campgrounds and enjoy a “wild” rest. For lovers of a comfortable holiday in the fresh airon the shores of Lake Obsterno there are camp sites and small manor houses which are open for tourists throughout the year.   

It is obvious that there is something fascinating in these places both for fisherman and just holidaymakers. Quiet splash of water, a many-voiced chirp of birds, clean air with a fragrance of wild herbs, small hills turning into coniferous forests – all these factors create a very real fairytale atmosphere in which you want to return from year to year. If you have ever rested in this picturesque place, you will probably want to come back again and again.

In summer almost everywhere you can see on the lake lovers of an active holiday: you can meet here canoeists who train their sports and professional skills on the lake, as well as every few meters here sit on chairs with fishing rods fishermen who want to catch the biggest catch in their life. A “wild” tourism on the shore of the lake attracts families with children of different ages and young pairs of lovers who want to spend time tête-à-tête far from the noise of big cities. Here is enough space for everyone!

Fishing on the lake, by the way, stands out for special catches. However the relief here is not very uniform so while fishing you should choose a depth of 2-3 meters. There are not many fishermen on the shores of Lake Obsterno because the whole shoreline is overgrown with grass. They go fishing here mainly by boats. Frequent catches are pikeperch, pike and roach. 

Here are a lot of boats because a total square of the lake is about 10 sq km and its depth ranges within 12 meters in some places. The shores of the lake are abundantly covered with reeds and vegetation that only makes the lake much more beautiful. However, this impedes bathing the locals. From the eastern side the lake adjoins the hydrological reserve “Swamp-Moss” (“Boloto-Mokh”). In 1967 a dam was constructed to raise the water level by a meter in Lake Obsterno. Almost everywhere on the lake water has a high level of transparency and well-oxygenated.