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Lake Myastro

Lake Myastro


Natural objects

The Republic of Belarus has long been famous for its nature, in particular, amazing lakes, of which there are thousands. But some of them are more popular. One of such ponds is Lake Myastro which is located in Minsk region near the border of Myadel. It is slow running-water on hydrological regime and the second in size among the Naroch group of lakes, it amazes with its beauty. The Myastro is connected by canals with the lakes: Batorino, Skrypova, Naroch and Shestakovo. And only the Batorino and Myastro are slow running-water as in summer hear canals and streams that feed the lakes dry up. Lake Myastro is divided into big (northern) and small (southern) stretches.

The area of the lake is about 13 sq. km. A twisting coastline forms five bays. The northern shores are higher than the southern ones where is a hydrological reserve “Cheremshitsy”. The coastal area is partially overgrown with reeds and marshy, while the other part of the coast is well-organized, there is a beach, lifesaving station and Myadel amphitheater, a place where regular entertainments take place.  Also the shore has charming summerhouses on the water and cafes.

The flora and fauna of the lake is rich enough: the vegetation consists of reeds, cane and nearly 50 species of submerged plants and the lake is home for various species of fish. In the lake drift more than 100 species of phytoplankton and more than 50 species of zooplankton. The average depth of the pond is about five meters; the lake is big but not deep. Its maximal depth is about 11 meters.  The bottom topography is quite varied: alternate depressions and raisings of different sizes.

It is no coincidence Lake Myastro and its outskirts attract a great number of tourists every year.  One cannot help noticing how beautiful these places are. Being here you feel peace and quiet, want to be alone with nature and forget all the problems, perpetual hurry and modern gadgets.  In summer the water surface is framed with green leaves, and the silence is broken only by the sound of the surf and the cries of birds. Sport fishing competitions take place here, locals have a rest in this place, and travelers come here from other cities and countries.

This place is also remarkable for its history; in 1659Russian Prince Ivan Khovanskydefeated the General of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Nicholay Yuditsky and his troops. This victory was of great importance and made it possible for the Russian Empire to establish control over the greater part of the territories of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. This event is known as a battle of Myadel.  As a result of the victory in the battle, Khovansky was granted to the boyars and took the valuable title "vicar of Vyatsky".

Lake Myastro is inferior in size only to Lake Naroch and is a part of the resort area, named after the largest lake of the group. The water surface of Lake Myastro has an unusual feature: sometimes when the weather is calm for a long time, you can observe the exfoliation of water column at different density layers, which is noticeable to the naked eye. Everyone should see this wonder of nature.

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