The White Lake in the village Bushiki

"The White Lake" recreation area is situated 40 kilometers fr om the regional center Brest not far from the small village Nivki. The base is located on the picturesque shore of the beautiful White lake. It is surrounded with a pine forest. The White Lake is the part of ecological lake formation consisting of three lakes: the Black Lake, the White Lake and Lake Rogoznyanskoye. All the lakes are united by the system of channels.

The White Lake is a rather small body of water. It is 3.3 kilometers long and about two kilometers wide at its widest. The maximum depth of the lake is not more than 4.9 meters. The total area is just 6.05 square kilometers. Despite the small size, the White Lake is a very popular place, attracting to its shores the great number of fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts.

The history of the tourist complex that has the same name with the lake began almost fifty years ago, in 1968. That was precisely when the recreation center was established ashore the lake. That time the lake had already been famous for its fishery.

Besides, in 1970th grandiose dance parties for the youth were organized here. Young people were counting the days until the next dancing-party. It was certainly the place of loose morals, a place where the banned Western music sounded, a place where daring young men were dancing till one drops. There were so many wishing persons that those who had no sufficient space on the dancing ground were dancing right under the trees. Both those days and in present – the place has always been a romantic paradise. People play the guitar, sing, sitting by the fire, eat mushrooms and berries gathered here and cook soup fr om the local fish.

The waters of the lake is rife with pike, roach, crucian, carp, perch, bream and other valued species of fish. Besides the White Lake is absolutely unique because it is the only place in Belarus wh ere one can find Far Eastern shrimps, which live and breed in the wild. There is no other place in our country wh ere the shrimps can be artificially bred. The story of how the shrimp, accustomed to warm waters, breed in Belarusian climate is no less interesting.

The filling of the lake with the shrimps began in 1982 when the crustaceans were brought here from the Moscow region. These heat-loving creatures accustomed here due to the development of power plant technologies. The White Lake is united with Berezovskaya Thermal Power Station. The water of the lake is used to refrigerate the engines of the station so it never freezes. The water temperature remains above-zero even in severe frosts. That's why the heat-loving creatures feel at home here. And the waters that have grown them proudly bear the name "The Shrimp Lake". There is no industrial scale of the shrimp fishery, but the locals catch and eat them with pleasure. If you are a connoisseur of this delicacy you should go to the shores of the lake, wh ere, with little effort, you can enjoy the incomparable taste of freshly caught shrimps.

Nowadays the recreation area on the shore of the White Lake is a very popular tourist destination. Annually visitors from all the corners of Belarus as well as from abroad come here.