The conservatory in the estate "Abuzerie"

The conservatory in the estate "Abuzerie"

The restaurant-conservatory at the estate "Abuzerie", which is located on one of the shores of Lukoml Lake (Chashniki district, Vitebsk region), was created on the personal initiative of the owners. It can be considered as an original botanical garden, where grow a variety of exotic cultures. Among them you can find lemons, peach and tangerine trees, for which there was created favorable microclimatic environment.

What will attract visitors in the conservatory of the estate "Abuzerie"?

All guests receive personal consultations and give useful pieces of advice how to look after different plants. This paradise can please the viewer literally all year round, even if it is freezing hard outside.   Artificial “alleys”, convenient swings, as well as a tiny brook create a unique atmosphere of comfort. In the evening here is switched on soft light, due to which this part of the estate "Abuzerie" becomes a nice place for a romantic rest. 

This unique conservatory has existed for only some years and today it is the only object of this kind. New plants are regularly brought here from various countries and even from other continents. Largely all these are possible due to a sincere interest in gardening of the owners of the estate.В

The size of the construction will surprise even the most sophisticated travellers. The length of the glass construction is 50 m, and its height is 10 m. Green plantations cover an area of 12 hundred square meters.  This can hardly be expected from an ordinary Belarusian village.

The restaurant-conservatory is an opportunity to try delicious dishes

The modern restaurant with professional cooks includes a banquet hall for 50 seats, which consists of three dining areas. The owners of the estate will always see to it that the visitors are fed with the best food. They always offer to try unique homemade wine. It is necessary to say that this wine is prepared from fruit growing in the garden: apples, black currants, raspberries, grapes, etc. Among the eight varieties of wine, everyone can find a favorite flavor.

The territory of the restaurant is an inseparable part of the main space. Here it is possible to organize here a lunch for the whole family, dinner with the loved one and other types of feasts. Corporate parties, notable dates, weddings and other events will become really momentous events in the middle of nature.

You should remember that the restaurant works only for advance orders.  

Guests will be able to dance, relax in the company of friends, hear guest artists and even sing favorite hits.

The greenhouse in the estate "Abuzerie" is a wonderful place for a convenient rest

The owners not only generously share their experience of growing crops, but also they are ready to exchange rare or original species of plants. Many will remember walks among the palm trees, figs, bananas, and even year-round flowering Cannes. Children will be able to try their own hands as gardeners under the strict supervision of employees. In addition everyone will try peaches, tangerines and lemons straight from tree branches.

Visitors of the greenhouse are offered to rent for the whole day one of the cottages on the territory of the estate “Abuzerie” near Novolukoml. Lovers of active holidays can play table tennis here.