The Hunting lodge of Prince Paskevich in Korenevka village

In the territory of Belarus, a lot of estates, palace-park complexes and castles have survived in picturesque sites away from the hustle and bustle of towns. The beauty and richness of nature of the Belarusian forests, the peace of small villages and the stillness and mysteriousness were always attractive for noble people. A modern tourist in a race against time upon his visit to Belarus can make a stop – look in one of the quiet corners of the Belarusian village.

The «Hunting Lodge of Prince Paskevich»

Korenevka village of Gomel region can boast the beauty of its nature. The comfortable position – only seven kilometers from Gomel – makes this location necessary for visiting. If in Gomel you admired the Rumyantsevs’ and the Paskeviches’ Palaces in the luxurious park, be aware that the famous names will come again your way.

The matter is that Field Marshal General I. F. Paskevich bought an estate from Duke S. P. Rumyantsev in 1834 in Korenevka. A distillery and a brickyard were in the territory of the estate. The two-storey mansion was constructed approximately in 1865-1866 by architects from Petersburg – A. H. Pel and R. A. Gedike. So the «Hunting Lodge of Prince Paskevich» appeared there. As can be easily guessed, the name arose due to the fact that guests had come there for hunting.

The legend about the «Hunting Lodge of Prince Paskevich»

The building of Romanticism architecture is surrounded by ancient trees; there is a beautiful pond in front of it. And, of course, it is steeped in a legend.  The legend says that this pond was dug out manually without shovels. So the water became miraculous and clay at the bottom of the lake – healing. You can make sure of it visiting the estate.

The beauty of the place is ancient oaks, all kinds of bushes and exotic trees. It embodies the work of those who took care of the «Hunting Lodge». The servants were instructed to obtain new species of plants for the park.

The modern life of the «Hunting Lodge»

Time passed by, the revolution of 1917 came and Korenevka became a village. The «Hunting Lodge» was placed in service of the Korenevka forestry. The war also did not come by this building. In those difficult years, it was engulfed in flames but then restored. Nowadays the former «Hunting Lodge» hosts the Korenevka Experimental Forest Concession of the Forest institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

However, the «Hunting Lodge» is opened for tourists. You can also wander in the park, enjoy the clean air and the peace of Korenevka village and continue your journey around Belarus.