Strengthening of Germans of the First world war in the village of Pasynki

Strengthening of Germans of the First world war in the village of Pasynki


Historical and cultural complexes

The history of the First World War for Belarus is not a stranger. In our lands, especially in Western areas of the country preserved many of the cemeteries and fortifications of the times of the war.

In the Myadel district, the war stopped in 1915 year. This year started the so-called battle for position, about which it is known that these battles used huge number of echelons of defense. At that time the Russian military base was weaker than German and in material terms, and in technical. After the front came in a stable state, the German side began to build a large-scale reinforced concrete structures. In the end, only a couple of years, the engineers of Germany have made more than 1 000 such structures called Pillboxes (long-standing or defensive point). The Bunkers were placed throughout the protection of the army.

District in whose territory were located the most concrete constructions have been stretching for four kilometers. There were Bunker near the lake Myadel, not far from the village Pasynki. Such buildings here were more than a hundred. To the buildings belonged dugouts, and various points of observation, and more. Immediately at the entrance to the village, you'll notice one of the Bunkers, which is located near the houses. It is believed that this was a sort of vantage point, because it has too little visibility. Next to it there is another building. A little further, you notice almost destroyed bunker. On the hill, a little further, you notice some more of the concrete structures, which are already overgrown with grass and bushes. In this village these buildings can be seen on any bump. All Bunkers are now covered with earth and overgrown, they are very difficult to get, but possible. Inside is preserved the wooden parts, which were intended for various military purposes. In the center of the field that is located outside the village, there is the dugout, which, like the Bunkers, are saved fine. It is even possible to count the number of the regiment, which was eliminated when constructing concrete structures.

Fortifications in the village Pasynki are part of the history of Belarus. These buildings had been made so well and efficiently that the Polish soldiers had improved them for that case if the war with the Soviet Union will come .

Today, the villagers themselves carried out in the village excavations. Some people find some items that could belong to the soldiers of the First world war. To attach people to the history, they organize the reconstruction of the battle of the time. Also, there are guided tours and theatrical performances.

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