The scientific center of Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

Writers and poets fr om all over the world pay great attention in their works to the description of nature. Alexander Pushkin loved a morning dew and a winter snowy forest, Fyodor Tyutchev wrote poems about the beauty of fields and meadows… Such famous Belarusian literary men as Yakub Kolas and Yanka Kupala also devoted many pages of their works to the praise of beautiful Belarusian land and the nature of their beloved homeland. National parks and reserves of Belarus have always attracted special attention of historians, representatives of art and culture, archeologists, foresters and researchers. Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is included in the list of the most beautiful and unique natural monuments.

This complex is situated on the territories of Dokshitsy and Lepel districts of Vitebsk region as well as on the lands of Borisov district of Minsk region. This place is known not only among Belarusians, but also far beyond the borders of our country, as the reserve is considered a sample of unspoiled nature. Here are unique primeval forests and vast sphagnous marshes. The latter, by the way, are considered the most valuable objects of nature conservation.

Very soon the reserve will celebrate its centenary anniversary. The reserve was established in the beginning of 1925 as a state hunting reserve to reproduce here valuable species of wild animals. These most wonderful and picturesque places spread over an area of 851.5 square kilometers, wh ere European beavers and some species of birds are under special protection.

One of the structural departments of the Biosphere Reserve is a scientific department, which holds active and successful research activities. Here work only 15 people, but each of them makes an inestimable contribution to the study of the nature of the reserve. Most of the department staff is research workers, and some of them have candidate's degrees. 

On the territory of the reserve there is a unique complex including several kinds of marsh–water systems. You can see here upland, lowland and transitional swamps which in total, by the way, cover over a half of the whole area of the Park. It is possible also to study here the system of large and small rivers. Why is this reserve so highly valued throughout the world? Due to the natural preservation of the whole nature; in fact, thanks to it the reserve is among the natural samples of not only Belarus, but also of the entire Western Europe.

The complex of Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve includes not only well-protected natural spaces, but also fascinating and educational museums, which are often visited by tourists from other countries.  Their main aim is an active propaganda of nature and environment protection. Here is a Museum of nature, which has been operating for over a half of a century. Visitors of the exhibition can see over three hundred species of animals who live on the territory of Belarus.

All animals are divided into biogroups: here are beavers, red deer, wild boars, wolves, brown bears, elks and even the symbol of Belarus – bison. A separate room is devoted to birds. So that, coming here every visitor will find something that he likes.