"Narochansky" National Park, Minsk Region

"Narochansky" National Park, Minsk Region

The "Narochansky" National Park covers over 100,000 hectares. It is situated in the north-west of Belarus, the Minsk region. It was founded in 1999.

All Belarusians begin to get acquainted with health resorts of Naroch in childhood: every year hundreds come to improve their health. Everyone who has ever visited Naroch has warm memories of the most picturesque corner of Belarus. Landscapes of the national park create a calm atmosphere. Unity with nature can bring only positive and vital energy for years to come.

A complex of lakes consists of 40 reservoirs. Because of such complexes of lakes Belarus is called "blue-eyed". In general, the area of ​​the water surface is one fifth of the national park. The lakes are divided into three groups: Bolduk, Naroch and Myadel. Lake Naroch is especially interesting where the same name river begins. Nowadays, sixteen streams and one river flow into the lake.

A beautiful but sad legend is linked with the lake's name. It says that once there lived a beautiful girl Nara. She was so beautiful that a rich man wanted her to be his wife, but the girl refused to get married - she had already loved another man. Then servants of the bad nobleman killed the man. Nara fired the villain's palace, and when the guard almost caught her, she preferred to sink in Naroch.

In the post-war period, mineral springs were discovered in the National Park. Mineral water is the main source of health improvement in local resorts.

There are 30 rare plants, some of them are endangered. All of them form forests, meadows, thickets. Unfortunately, a significant part of the "lungs of the Earth" was subjected to reclamation. Coniferous trees make the air clear and fresh.

The animal world of the national park is as rich as the plant world. Almost fifty species of mammals live here. The reservoirs of the "Naroch" park are home to different amphibians and fish. It is a nesting area for almost 180 species of birds. 40 species of birds arrive after winter.

In addition to excursions to the picturesque places of the national park, if you have a special permit, you can go fishing on Lake Naroch.