Braslav Lakes National Park

The "Braslav Lakes" national park is known not only to every inhabitant of Belarus but also far beyond its borders. It is 250 km from Minsk and 235 km from Vitebsk. The park was founded in August 1995. Today it covers 70,000 hectares. There are three hundred lakes and reservoirs. Because of clear water and beauty, they were called "the blue necklace" of Belarus.

The total area of the water surface of Braslav is about 180 sq. km. Volos Yuzhny is considered the deepest lake since it is 40 meters deep. Volos Severny and Uklya are also considered the deepest lakes. The formation of this complex of lakes, as well as hills and plains, occurred during a glacier retreat from south to north. The Braslav Lakes formed 18-10 thousand years ago. The glacier left behind boulders and stones. Residents named the largest ones.

It is necessary to mention Chaychin Island, which is located on Lake Strusto. Inside the island, there is a small picturesque lake. In the 30s, the island was part of the archipelago with two villages. Nowadays, there are no inhabitants on the island but there are many comfortable places with gazebos for tourists.

About 30 species of fish can be found in the Braslav Lakes. Every year hundreds of tourists come here for fishing. Pike, bream, zander and carp - it is an incomplete list of trophies that one may catch. Each fisherman is allowed to catch five kilogrammes of fish per day.

In the national park, there are 216 species of birds. About fifty of them are rare or endangered. Tourists can see swans, black storks, gulls.

The animal world of Braslav is also rich. There can be found badgers, foxes, lynxes. Hunting is also popular in the forests of the national park. If you have a special license, you can hunt moose, roe deer, hares, wild boars, wolves, raccoon dogs. Hunting sector borders with Lithuania and Latvia.

Research activities are conducted in the territory of the national park. The main objectives are to study natural objects, apply scientific methods for preserving flora and fauna of the park.

Four recreation centres, located on the Braslav Lakes, accommodate a large number of tourists from Belarus, as well as countries in Europe and even the United States every year. Everyone who visit the national park of the Vitebsk region experience only pleasant emotions.