The National Historical Museum is the pride of our country

The National Museum of Belarus is one of the most popular in our country. The museum's collection numbers over four hundred thousand. The National Historical Museum consists of five branches throughout the country: the Museum of the History of Cinema, the House-Museum of the 1st Congress of the RSDLP, the Museum of the Modern Belarusian Statehood, the Museum of Theatre, and the Museum of Ecology and Nature of Belarus.

Initially the National Museum had the name of the Church and Archeological Museum that existed long before the present. It was built in 1914. But due the Soviet ideology and religious line, the functioning of the museum was banned. It repeatedly changed its name. After our country declared its independence, the museum changed its name from National Museum of History and Culture of Belarus to the National Historical Museum of Belarus. In the early 90-s of the XX century it was agreed to add to the museum in accordance with the Belarusian traditions and culture. But due to the lack of funds, it was not to be. In 2008 the Ministry of Culture decided to improve the exposition, and in 2012 this task was fully completed. Every year there are thousands of new exhibition items in the museum. The historical and cultural items of the museum are kept in collections: archaeological, ethnographic, numismatic, arms, manuscripts, documentaries, etc. In the museum there are permanent exhibitions - various exhibitions and projects that will get acquaint any visitor with different aspects of human activity in our territory until the XX century. There is also undurable exhibition – most often these are events associated with the cultural life of Minsk and the country. Our National Museum can boast of its treasury - collections including most of the items and have not only national but also global significance.

Some museum items are in the State List of Historical and Cultural Values. For example, there can be mentioned coins of the Roman coinage of the I-II centuries AD, "the Belt of Prince Vitovt", and some others. Besides, in the museum there are kept very rare treasures from different places of Belarus, expensive porcelain from Russia, Germany, and Italy, old books, vintage clocks, furniture, icons, paintings and many others.

In 2011 year the museum acquired a rare collection of amulets that had belonged to the heathen, and Orthodox crosses of the XIII century, the book "the High Art of Artillery," by Kazimir Semenovich. There were brought old books from the Budslav monastery. There were found a map of The Grand Duchy of Lithuania of the 1630-s, a belt from Krakow, made along the model of the Slutsk belt.

The exhibitions in the museum are informative and interesting. They are of great historical and cultural value not only for our country. The most memorable are such exhibitions as: "Precious Patterns" of 2012, "Treasures of Ukraine" of 2013, "the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and its restoration" of 2012, "Things between Life and Death" of 2014, "White Russia and its Neighbors" and many others. All these projects were realized only thanks to funding by partners of the museum. Today the museum has many exhibition halls with items. Any visitor can experience the centuries-old history of our country for little pay.