Nanosy-Novoselye - ethnocultural complex on Naroch

Lake Naroch is an attraction of Belarus. And when it comes to rest on Naroch or living in the Naroch park, the infrastructure pleases. Here are located various objects:

Today VETLIVA will tell about another interesting object - the unique agro-tourist complex Nanosy-Novoselye, where you can not just spend a few days in nature, but with a head plunge into real peasant life.

Ethnocultural complex Nanosy-Novoselye: history

The land on which the complex is now located was once planned to be divided and built up with summer houses. But the enterprising Belarusian businessman Yevgeny Novoseletsky decided to do otherwise. The idea to build a historical complex arose absolutely spontaneously, but it firmly settled down and eventually found incarnation. Even the place chosen for it is unique: a spit of land that goes straight into the lake.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: just the spit gave the name of the sights of the lake Naroch. It is formed from the word «nanos» (or a spit that remained after the glacier left, as a result of which the lake was formed) and the word «novoselye» (that is, «new village»).

Belarusian enthusiast was lucky to find investors. In total, several million dollars were spent on the construction of the complex. However, it was worth it: a scrupulous study of the descriptions of the landowners estates helped twelve houses appear with a veil of antiquity and an indescribable atmosphere.

What is a Nanosy-Novoselye farmstead

The complex consists of 12 houses, 10 of which are «peasant» (each of them can accommodate up to 4 people) and 2 «petty bourgeois» (up to 8 people for cheerful and friendly companies). Near each house there is a farmstead and beds with vegetables. You can freely take fresh eggs and herbs when cooking snacks.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: each house has its own «hostess» - an employee who helps tourists in everything. The «hostess» practically becomes your mother for the time of rest: she brings breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleans the house, etc.

The emphasis in the interiors is made not only on authenticity, but also on environmental friendliness: all furniture is wooden, and the rooms are heated with a stove. In it, by the way, the food is prepared. Here you will not find any TVs or computers - the creators of this sights of Naroch tried to do everything to recreate the atmosphere of the XIX century.

In spite of the fact that the estate Nanosy is often compared with another popular museum-scanen of Belarus - Dudutki - the locals disagree with this formulation. Indeed, the only thing they have in common is the availability of a certificate for the production of moonshine. In fact, both the specifics and the set of locations are completely different.

Here is:

  • the only museum of samovars in our country (more than 500 exhibits),

  • Museum of Bread and Life,

  • Museum of moonshine and moonshine,

  • retro car collection

  • active water mill,

  • stable,

  • yacht club.

Special attention should be equestrian sport show, which is included in the program of a sightseeing tour of the complex. It involves thoroughbred horses from the local stable.

The performance is divided into several parts:

  • cowboy show

  • Knight Tournament,

  • a demonstration performance with elements of the Higher School of Riding,

  • children's performance with a mini pony and a donkey.

It can last 40 minutes or an hour and a half, and after the performance, you can pet stately handsome horses and take pictures with them. Both adults and children will be delighted!