Grave of Alexander Mickiewicz in Kobrin

Grave of Alexander Mickiewicz in Kobrin


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You will find a town in Brest region, which is famous all over the country for its numerous sights. Historians often come to this lovely town. Orthodox believers will find something interesting in the town. Besides, there’s something to see for ordinary tourists.

We can't tell for sure when the town was founded. According to some sources, the town was founded in the X century (the uncovered remains of pottery and fragments of a wooden pavement indicate it). According to the chronicles, the first mention of this town dates back to 1287 when Duke Vladimir Vasilkovich left this land to his wife Olga. Over time, the town had increased significantly and gradually turned into a cultural and craft center. Nowadays, Kobrin is the fourth among other large and populated towns in Brest region.

The origin of its name is an interesting story. Most likely, it derives from a disappeared folk, which was called "obry". Its representatives were considered nomadic tribes and inhabited mainly the territory of Central Asia.

In addition to architectural monuments, there is a grave of Alexander Mickiewicz, the brother of the Polish and Belarusian poet Adam Mickiewicz. Alexander was born at the very beginning of the XIX century, he studied at the University of Vilna. In 1823, he graduated and worked in the office of the forest part of the Volyn gubernia.

In the middle of the XIX century, Mickiewicz decided to buy the estate "Gubernia" in Kobrin. By the way, then this estate belonged to the great Russian commander Alexander Suvorov. Unfortunately, Alexander owned this place for a short time - he died in 1871 and was buried here, in a cemetery not far from the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Alexander Mickiewicz did a lot for the development of the town, although he was in Kobrin not for a long time. A monument (mourning angel) was erected near his grave in memory of his activities and as a sign of respect.

Alexander, by the way, is known not only as a younger brother of the famous poet, but also as a biographer of Adam. Alexander studied and taught science to others almost all his life. Mickiewicz Jr. dedicated a lot of his time to studying law, he spent many evenings in the library. Mickiewicz received the post of a professor at Kharkov University.

Today, visiting the grave of Alexander Mickiewicz is included in the route of almost all regional and town excursions. Local people remember this man. He showed and tried to prove that science is the highest degree of justice and this is the only one of many things that you should believe in and constantly learn.

In addition, admirers of the work of Adam Mickiewicz would know practically nothing about the life and work of the Belarusian-Polish poet without the permanent work of Alexander. He carefully followed the activities of his elder brother, so today we have a lot of information about Mickiewicz Sr. By the way, Adam Mickiewicz is one of the three greatest poets of the Romantic era in Poland.

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, Kobrin , Belarus
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