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The Mukhavets River Embankment in Kobrin

The Mukhavets River Embankment in Kobrin


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This river arises from a small stream called Mukha in Pruzhany. This stream and the Vets channel merge and they form the Mukhavets River. It flows through the western part of Belarus and forms a water surface stretching over more than 100 kilometers. The river is considered part of the Dnieper-Bug waterway; you can see cargo ships and pleasure boats, sailing from the town of Kobrin to the country's borders. There are also many health resorts on the river banks.

The Mukhavets River is one of the largest in the whole territory of Belarus. It flows in Brest and Kobrin. There are wonderful embankments that attract tourists throughout the year. You can meet many fishermen in summer and winter. Catfish, pike perch, pike, bream, perch, roach and many other species of fish inhabit the river. The river embankment in Kobrin deserves a special attention.

Although Mukhavets flows through the territory of several towns, it is special in its own way in each place. Though the embankment in Brest has not been reconstructed for a long time, things in Kobrin are quite in a different way.

In 2009, "Dozynki", a harvest festival, took place in Kobrin. The town had significantly changed because of this large-scale event and the embankment had become better as well.

Earlier you could meet few people on the river embankment since others preferred walking in the town’s center and in parks. Nowadays, the area near the bank of the Mukhavets River has become a favorite place for locals and guests of the town. The embankment looks well-maintained and tidy. Here you will meet tourists from other countries, taking pictures with local sights.

By the way, there are several sculptures. Everyone wants to take a picture with a boatswain and a large "pirate" parrot sitting on his shoulder. This small local attraction was created for the celebration of "Dozynki".

Nowadays, couples tend to meet on the embankment of the Mukhavets River in Kobrin. You will see parents with children, elderly couples or just companies of friends. You can enjoy wonderful views and fresh river air both in the daytime and evenings. It is especially beautiful here after sunset, when lanterns illuminate walkways, creating a pleasant and even romantic atmosphere.

The embankment during holidays becomes a perfect place for active games, sports, and festivities. All the inhabitants of the town come here to support their friends and acquaintances who take part in competitions, listen to the concert program and just take a walk along the beautiful embankment.

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, Kobrin , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 350 km

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