The Museum of Yanka Kupala in the village of Yakhimovshchina

The Museum of Yanka Kupala in the village of Yakhimovshchina



Yanka Kupala (real name - Ivan Daminikovich Lutsevich) is a Belarusian writer and poet, lending fame to the Belarusian literature far outside the bounds of Belarus.

The Museum of Yanka Kupala was created in the village of Yakhimovshchina not accidentally. It lies only within 20 km away from the town of Molodechno of Minsk region. It is here where Yanka Kupala has lived and created his literary works. It is here where his known poems have been written: “Who is coming there?”, “Oak”, “Will”  etc., which composed his first poems’ collection under the name “Zhaleyka”.  These are the years of living in Yakhimovshchina that the future national writer’s poetic and spiritual rise falls on.

Since 1906 Yanka Kupala worked for the local distillery as an assistant. It’s notable to say, that this plant has preserved till now.

Yanka Kupala is a founder of a new Belarusian literature together with Yakub Kolas, whose ways of living coincided a lot, whose years of birth and even initials were identical. They created such works which made you think over the Belarusian literature place in the world framework. It is the duet of Kupala and Kolas which is called Belarusian literature classics.

Yanka Kupala was not only a poet, but also a translator. He translated a lot of works of Russian literature in the Belarusian language.

The main idea of the museum’s exposition is to show how the birth and development of Yanka Kupala happened, when the national print only began to spread and Belarusian culture was reviving. The creator and the first director of Yanka Kupala Museum  - V.F. Lutsevich strived to perpetuate the poet’s remembrance in the view it had existed in his lifetime.

The memorial part of the exposition is a poet’s room, which has been rebuilt and restored in old-residents’ recollection, who didn’t know then, that Ivan Lutsevich would be the future of Belarusian literature under the pen-name of Yanka Kupala.

An estate became the main attraction of Yakhimovshchina, built in the nineteenth century, with adjecent buildings complex: the distillery, bodies of water, barns, a picturesque park and the house itself, where the poet had lived.

Nowadays, a memorial plate can be seen on the historically important house, established in Yanka Kupala’s honour in 1959. In 1982 the memorialization of the house was carried out. It was done to keep this memorial of cultural heritage of Belarus, and restore it in the future.

The museum’s opening took place in 2001. The exposition, collected here, tells us about the interesting facts of the writer’s life, acquaints us with unknown moments.

By visiting the museum we get the opportunity to know about the Belarusian poet’s life and to feel the beauty and uniqueness of the Belarusian nature.

The tourist’ attention is also drawn by the fest “Kupalie” (the poet’s birthday), which is held according to all of the old times ceremonies and sacraments.

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