The Museum of traditional manual weaving of Poozerye in Polotsk

The Museum of traditional manual weaving of Poozerye in Polotsk



A man can be compared with a plant. We, like any living sprout, cannot exist without our roots. On the one hand we are one`s continuation, on the other hand – one`s beginning. To grow and develop ourselves further we should know our ancestors and the history of our country. If you realize how your forefathers lived, about what they dreamt and what they really wanted, only then you will able to understand your own wishes and desires.

An unusual Museum of traditional manual weaving of Poozerye located in the most ancient Belarusian city of Polotsk of Vitebsk region was created for this purpose. It is a living nature corner where are stored the old national rites, and the sacred knowledge about the life and work of our predecessors is passed on from generation to generation.

 Weaving is considered the most common and the oldest form of folk decorative-applied art. The patterns and weaving techniques reveal the infinite wealth of creative heritage of the country.  The Museum will show the visitors all the secrets of growing, processing and further use of flax which were used by people in Northern Belarus in the 19-20th centuries.  

For newlyweds here is organized an ancient wedding ceremony "Yak zlilisya dzve rechanki" ("How did two rivers unite") aimed to provide welfare and happy fate for the future spouses. It is possible to touch Belarusian traditions and to take part in them thanks to annual folk holidays, for example, Kalyady, Gukanne Vyasny or Kupalle. Fans of authentic Belarusian folk singing and dancing of Belarus will sure be pleasantly surprised and will want to come here more than once.

The Museum exposition presents items of manual weaving that were made in Glubokoe, Myory, Sharkovschina, Verkhnedvinsk, Postavy, Polotsk and Dokshitsky districts. Here the employees of the Museum tell captivating stories about the peculiarities, history and traditions of the Belarusian people on the territory of Poozerye.

The Museum has been opening its doors to all comers for almost twenty years. You may remember a tale about a wicked witch, having looked at the ancient spinning-wheel, imagine the daily work of Belarusian women using archaic instruments and admire the amazing prints of fabric on ceramic kitchenware. All the exhibits are located in three big halls, and the Museum itself is a striking landmark of the whole country, showing one of the areas of folk art of the local people.

The heart and the main pivot of the whole exposition is a model of the World Tree. This motive, symbolizing eternity and infinity of life, can be found on many fabrics and tableware. The Tree is a link connecting a person and the Universe. The roots of the World Tree narrate about growing and primary processing of flax. The trunk symbolizes manufacturing a fabric, and the crone tells about a mysterious world of symbols and signs which are represented in folk legends and myths. These legends were thoroughly coded by our ancestors in the national patterns and signs. Lovers of Belarusian culture and patriots of the native land will feel especially comfortable and at home nice in the Museum.  

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