The Museum of Old Crafts “Dudutki”

The Museum of Old Crafts “Dudutki” is situated 45 kilometers from Minsk. It is located in a picturesque site near the Ptich River. The area of the Museum is 160 hectares.  

Guests of the complex  are always happy to offer an amazing acquaintance with the way of life of a gentry’s family, the work of craftsmen, who recreate ancient technologies, culinary masterpieces of old Belarusian times, and also to admire the amazing nature of Belarusian land.

The history of the museum "Dudutki" in Belarus.

Since 1600, the village of Dudichi became a center of crafts, trade fairs and trade. Having preserved this peculiarity of the district, it was decided to create such a museum, which would preserve, recreate and acquaint everyone with ancient crafts of Belarus. That museum complex was created in 1993. Nowadays the Museum “Dudutki” includes several complexes: a craft courtyard, a stable, a zoo, a huge garage with antique cars, a windmill and the Church of John the Prophet.

"Dudutki" - a unique and most visited museum of Belarus.

The only in Belarus ancient working mill is in the Museum “Dudutki”. Having visited it, visitors of the museum can learn about the history of its creation and principle of operation of the windmill. The height of the mill is 14 meters. It was built in 1905 by brothers Michael and Ivan Polyakov from the village of Berezovka, Gomel region. During collectivization, the brothers were exiled to Siberia, and the mill was owned by collective farms. In the 20th century, it did not work and gradually came to destruction. When the museum was created, it was decided to move the mill on the territory of the complex and to reconstruct it.  

In the forge, you can receive a horseshoe for luck as a gift from a blacksmith. It was believed that if you hung it over the entrance to your house, the house would always be protected from bad things.  

One can try fresh bread in the bakery. They will gladly share the recipe of it with you. The museum visitors can also taste fresh village butter and cheese.

Besides that, weaving of straw, wickerwork, a bakery, a pottery, a woodworking workshop and a brewery are also in craft workshops. 

The only one in Belarus moonshine apparatus is on the territory of the museum complex. It is officially authorized to make moonshine.  

In the garage of antique cars, you can see a huge variety of techniques, including vehicles of the World War II.

In addition to the ancient way of life, the museum visitors are also invited to stroll through the zoo, see exotic animals, and agricultural buildings (stables, pigsties, poultry houses).

“Dudutki” has its own stables, wh ere are bred pedigree horses. Here you can not only admire the beauty of these animals, but also ride under the supervision of an instructor.   

National holidays with observance of all national traditions are widely celebrated in “Dudutki”.

To go at excursion to museum "Dudutki" - as easy as shelling pears.

The estate welcomes guests not only from Belarus but also from other countries. Visiting of a museum complex "Dudutki" is included in the program of many excursion tours across Belarus. You can as to devote all the day to this surprising museum with our tours «Excursion to the museum of material culture Dudutki» or «Travel to Dudutki», and also to visit it during New Year's vacation as a part of combined bus excursions with departure from Minsk: «1.11 Vacation in Minsk, 3 days» or «1.2 New year in Minsk, 4 days».