The Museum of contemporary visual art in Minsk

The Museum of contemporary visual art in Minsk



The Museum of contemporary visual art was founded in Minsk in 1997

During that year the museum’s personnel had worked on its appearance, gathered exhibits and it received the first visitors in May 1998, representing a collection called “New collection”. Firstly the museum was created with the aim of performing cultural-enlightening and science-methodological functions.

Nowadays, this is one of the youngest museums in the city. It is governed by Professor V.P. Sharangovich, a national painter of Belarus. The museum was opened aiming to popularize contemporary foreign and Belarusian art, to learn about contemporary graphic process, and to look into the variety of forms and styles. A number of open airs, conferences, seminars, those of international level are held at the museum.

Today the museum’s fund keeps more than 4 thousand exhibits of different styles and trends: graphic art, painting, drawing, sculpture and photography. As the museum’s staff confirms, not the whole variety list of contemporary Belarusian art’s trends are gathered at the museum.

The fusion of different trends and styles can be considered a museum’s zest. They should be crossed but at the same time discernible apart from each other. Thus, for instance, poetry and music can be found along with painting, graphics and photography against the background of a display.

Analyzing the museum’s exhibit, you can pay attention to the fact, that a great emphasis is placed on photographic art, as this genre sums modern times up fully.

The creation of the contemporary art museum is a kind of “an engine” for the extension of cultural field in Belarus.

The museum is constantly developing, the displays get renewed, and the museum’s staff always studies the contemporary art standards.

The contemporary art museum is an original information and cultural center. It actively establishes cooperation with other museums, galleries, displays not only in Belarus, but also in neighboring and far-abroad countries.

The museum is constantly developing, attracting new visitors. So that to achieve it, the museum’s exhibit should change all the time, progress, and keep up with contemporary art.

The museum’s staff gives an opportunity for the young painters to fulfill themselves, search for new names in art, which often create absolutely unexpected for the visitors’ works.

Individual painters’ exhibitions from USA, France, Germany and Poland are held at the museum periodically.

Any willing can visit the museum, get to know the display. Mind that Sunday and Monday are the days off at the museum.

The second branch of the Museum of Modern Art is located at st. Nekrasova, 3. More information about the second branch can be found at this link.

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