Motol Folk Art Museum

In Brest region, in a small village of Motol, there was a unique museum which reflected the life of peasants in the XIX-XX centuries. In 1989 folk art museum was founded, but for unknown reasons only six years later people could visit it. There are more than 27000 exhibit items, linked with the culture and life of residents of the West Polesie.

You can visit several themed rooms, each  of which has its own unique history and unique rare items. You can always visit regular expositions in the main exhibition room. You will be able to see and examine examples of embroidery, weaving, pottery and various items made of wood. Thematic exhibitions include works of masters from the Brest region in different movements.

In the room of flax processing, visitors are told about unique techniques of manual flax processing. Here you can explore illustrations on this subject dating back to the XX century.

The clothing room is rich in items and interesting for visitors. Guides tell about the clothing of local people in detail. Almost every visitor wants to try a hat, apron, frock coats. 

A room dedicated to agriculture attracts attention as well. Here you can get acquainted with the tools of peasant labor and learn features of local traditions and rites of the agricultural cycle.

Another themed room demonstrates the peasant life in detail. You can see a market square diorama of Motol as it looked in the XVI century, as well as panoramic pictures of the village and the river Yaselda. The interior of a peasant’s house of the XIX century allows plunge into the everyday life of peasants. Visitors are allowed to sit in vehicles of local people and read historical archival documents as well.

Most visitors are interested in ritual and craft exhibits. Guides offer to learn more about family and seasonal rites and traditions.

The museum's exhibit items are various and belong to different periods. Historians, researchers of Belarusian culture and ordinary visitors with joy and sincere interest explore tools, made of different materials, archaeological finds, embroidered carpets and aprons, clothing and many other unique exhibits.

Excursion in Belarusian language is also available in the Motol museum. It creates the necessary atmosphere and mood when you visit this peculiar place. By the way, even though the village is a remote place,  many tourists from all regions of Belarus come to Motol. Many people want to learn about their ancestors and their everyday life.