The Museum “Mir Posad” in Mir

There is one large and important historical attraction in the small Belarusian urban village. It is known around the world. This architectural structure is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Of course, this is about the Mir Castle, and the excursion to this town is considered to be one of the most visited among tourists from other countries.

However, there is much to see apart from the Mir Castle. For example, the private museum “Mir Posad” that is known around the whole region. A few guides know about it so there are not many tourists and endless camera shots in the museum.

The history of appearance of this museum differs much from other Belarusian exhibitions. The owner of the unusual exposition is the Historian Victor Sakel that has been fond of studying historical events since his childhood. Playing at his grandmother’s, little Vitya found an ancient chest under the leads; there were tightly arranged old clothes, postcards and other household items. After that case, the boy fell in love with the history of his native land and began to collect ancient rare objects. Later, the ordinary hobby had become his daily beloved job. For dozens of years, the local historian has been carefully collecting everything that somehow could concern the history of his native village. The man has bought a small brick building in order to have the possibility to exhibit the collected artifacts. The building, by the way, is historical too.

Thus, we can see a large exposition of unique things in the museum today. There are ancient coins, and princeling furniture, and documents, and dish, and even personals of the Radziwills. Herewith, the owner of the museum with pleasure tells all visitors unusual stories about these rare items. All this is accompanied with thematic music that is recorded to a vintage plate. Victor Sakel creates definitely a unique pleasant atmosphere of the time in his museum. Thanks to this, all objects as if become filled with a special charm and come to life.

One of the halls is dedicated to the Jewish community and other religious denominations that existed in the town Mir at different times. You can get a greater visibility of life and main traditions of the local Jewish population thanks to bowls for washing hands, skullcaps, Mir Torah of the XIX century and ancient books. The military events of 1941-1945 destroyed almost completely the evidences of life of Jews in Mir; however, you can watch everything that has been preserved in the museum “Mir Posad”. There are exhibited also terrible evidences of tragedies that were caused by Nazis’ crimes during the Great Patriotic War.

Victor Sakel like a caring father takes care of each exhibit item. However, many tourists are allowed to touch some objects, pick up and take pictures of them.