The Museum of Sculpture named after A.K.Bembel

The Museum of Sculpture named after A.K.Bembel



If you are interested in monumental sculpture, you should surely visit a small Minsk museum of sculpture named after Andrey Kovalevsky Bembel, a Soviet master of the bas-relief. The museum was opened in 1995; it represents an exhibition with original sculptures and portraits of significant politicians, artists and scientists. The works A. K. Bembel are known all over the world, you must have seen them. Let's speak about the most famous works of a great Soviet master.

In 1932, Andrei Bembel created a sculptural portrait of M.V. Frunze, mounted on a flight of stairs of Minsk Government House, as well as a large high-relief frieze for the audience hall of the Minsk House of Officers. One of the most famous portrait sculptures, the bust of Nikolai Gastello, a Hero of the Soviet Union, who became the embodiment of heroism and courage of Soviet pilots, was created by the master during World War II. In the postwar period Bembel created the magnificent sculpture of Alexander Matrosov - nineteen years old Hero of the Soviet Union, who blocked a German machine-gun with his body. In Bembel’s collection of sculptures there were many of them dedicated to writers, translators, playwrights - Yanka Kupala, Alexander Blok, Ivan Shemyakin.

If you are or live in Moscow, some time you have certainly passed by the Faculty of Chemistry of the Moscow State University named after M. V Lomonosov, where there is a statue of the Russian scientist, created by Bembel in 1952. The most famous work of Andrei Bembel dedicated to the Great Patriotic War is the entry-star in the memorial complex "Barrow of Glory", the height of which is almost 71 meters. Also there is a number of works devoted to V.I. Lenin- a statue near the Minsk City Library and a monument in Salihorsk.

In the museum of sculpture you can look at the portrait of the leader created by Bembel with Lenin's posthumous mask. And while walking along Victory Square in Minsk, pay attention to the monument of victory. The author of the high relief named "May 9, 1945" is our Belarusian sculptor A. Bembel. By the way, in addition to the works of the famous sculptor, the museum exhibits the works of relatively unknown and beginning masters.

The museum of modern Sculpture named after Andrei Bembel is located in his house and studio, which was given to him in possession, as to the famous Soviet figure, in 1930. In addition to the museum, the Belarusian Union of Artists is located in the house. The museum is quite easy to find: 5 minutes walk from the "Academy of Sciences" station, free entry, no tickets. If after visiting the Museum of Bembel you won’t be tired, be sure to visit the Old Belarusian History Museum, located on the same street as the museum of Bembel.

There you will also find a lot of interesting exhibits, including sculptures, paintings, ceramics, folk costumes, icons, and many other unique items that reflect the values ​​and traditions of Belarusian ancient culture.

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