The Money Museum Groshi in Minsk

The Money Museum Groshi in Minsk

Minsk, Zybitskaya street, 6


Numismatic exposures will hardly surprise anyone. But what if we say that in Minsk there is ... a unique Museum of money, where you can see really unusual exhibits. It presents the funds that were in use in Belarus from the time of the ON to the modern currency. It's time to take a virtual trip through the exposition, and then you may go and get acquainted with it personally.

How the Museum of Money appeared on Zybitskaya

Oddly enough, but the newly made museum appeared on the bar street in Minsk. And it all started in 2011, when a BSU teacher Andrei Misko began collecting coins. He was so fascinated by the new hobby that over time a question where to store the exhibits appeared. Moreover, Andrei himself wanted to share his passion with other people.

Zybitskaya was chosen for the location of the museum for a reason. According to the creator of the exposition, there the heart of Minsk is located. There are always many tourists who are interested in Belarus and its history, and it is precisely the banknotes that reflect the path that the state follows.

An advice from VETLIVA: in Minsk there are many unusual places that are worth visiting. Guide to cool vacation in the capital will help you to fill with new impressions every minute of your life! And if you stay in Minsk for a few days, VETLIVA will teach you how to spend these days in the metropolis with maximum benefit.

The exposition of the Money Museum Groshi

The history of money is the history of the state itself. In times of prosperity, gold and silver coins circulated with might and main, and during periods of stagnation, on the contrary, they disappeared from the currency turnover. The exposition is divided into two thematic groups according to relevant periods.

Coin circulation periods:

  1. The antique coins;

  2. The Kufic Dirham;

  3. The western European denarius;

  4. The non-cash period;

  5. The Prague pennies and the first coins of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania;

  6. The XV – XVII centuries;

  7. The XVII – XVIII centuries .;

  8. The times of the Russian Empire (XVIII century – 1917);

  9. The era of Western Belarus (1921-1939);

  10. The Soviet coins (1917-1991 gg.);

  11. The modern coins.

Periods of notes circulation:

  1. The first paper money that appeared in the XVIII century .;

  2. The banknotes of the Russian Empire times (1768-1843);

  3. The credit cards of the Russian Empire era (1843-1912);

  4. The banknotes that were used during the First World War from 1914 to 1918;

  5. The currency of the times of Poland (1917-1939);

  6. The banknotes of the RSFSR era (1919-1923);

  7. The banknotes of the Soviet times (1924-1991)

  8. The banknotes of the Russian Federation era (1992-1993)

  9. The modern banknotes from 1992 to the present times.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: the average cost of each exhibit is considerable. It is at least 100 BYN. At the same time, anyone can buy various coins and banknotes, as well as a souvenir in a local store. It is the great idea for those who are looking for something to bring from Belarus or wants to join the ranks of numismatists, but does not know how to start.

Through the prism of banknotes, you can get an idea of Belarusian history and learn the  significant periods through what it has past. The ON, The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, The periods of Western Belarus and the USSR —  each era left its mark on the currency turnover. The collection of the National Bank commemorative coins of the Republic of Belarus is very interesting too, because Andrei Misko's hobby started from it. By the way, the museum presents not only banknotes, but also various coupons, bonds, stamps, etc.

Walking around Zybitskaya, visiting several local conceptual institutions and visiting the Money Museum Groshi is a great plan for one evening. You will learn a lot about new things and you will probably decide to come back here again!


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