Motol ceremony “Wedding round loaf”

The traditions of our distant ancestors sank into oblivion almost completely, remembered only by our grannies and granddads. It is doubtful whether somebody can recollect even some ceremony, except for Kupalie. However, the age-old ceremonies are still remembered and even carried out in the interior country. For example, in the village of Motol the ceremony “Wedding round loaf” has preserved to the present day.

Approximately 20 years ago this tradition was an integral part of the local residents’ daily life, now it has gained the status of the very wonder. Moreover,the “Wedding round loaf” pretends to be placed in the list of intangible heritage UNESCO! The grannies, who are ready to organize a wedding to the youth in accordance with the ancestors’ traditions are still living in the village. Though, new wedding trends are to the young people’s liking.

Motol ceremony “Wedding round loaf” is an interesting ceremony of bread baking, its special adornment and unusual parting. Although the tradition doesn’t enjoy such popularity among the young generation, you can see it with your own eyes even today. Several times a year the ceremony is held in the village of Motol under the Museum of folk art.

You can touch a “Wedding round loaf” almost at every wedding celebration. It is not just beautifully baked bread, but the very symbol of wellbeing and mutual understanding in a young family. A round loaf as an integral attribute is used not only at weddings, but also at other age-old ceremonies. From the time immemorial it became a custom for people to ascribe magic qualities to bread and endow it with special functions.

The process of a round loaf baking comes with typical steps. A round loaf should be baked in a bride and groom’s house. What is more it should be done by specially chosen women – loaf bakers, as people believe that its choice influences the newlyweds’ destiny. The main person among the loaf bakers is a God mother. Other women-loaf bakers should be in happy marriages, having children and should be local residents.

Motol “wedding round loaf” symbolizes a gift for a family, that’s why all the products should be brought from loaf bakers’ houses. During the bread baking the women sing songs, pray and bless a round loaf. It is called a peculiar “programming” of a round loaf for a good and happy marriage.

The symbol of the new moon is usually presented on a round loaf for a groom, and a dough pait is attached to the bread for a bride. Along with bread small “cones” are baked, resembling tree brunches of dough. A loaf is decorated with “cones”, binding them with ribbons on top. By the way, then this ribbon is kept in a newlyweds’ house, as according to the beliefs, it gains healing qualities.

The groom brings the round loaf to the bride, and after the wedding ceremony their parents should bring it in to the festive table. At the end of the wedding celebration the round loaf is divided between guests in return for presents and wishes of happiness to the newlyweds. The Motol ceremony comes with unique songs and dancing, which you can not see in other place. This round loaf tradition is filled with special local atmosphere and emotionality.

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