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The Monastery of the Trinitarians in the village of Krivichi

The Monastery of the Trinitarians in the village of Krivichi


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The existence of the village of Krivichi, which is located not far from the town of Myadel, has been known since the XIIth century. Its name was given to it based on the dialect group name, which inhabited that part of the territory. They were called krivichi, and they are mentioned in such culture source as the “Tale of Past Years”. It was known at the end of the XVIIIth century that Trinitarians were allowed to settle in this small village.

The Trinitarians is a Catholic Order, which was founded in 1198 by John de Matha and Felix of Valois – French theologians. With the Queen support the Order was well consolidated in France. Their way of living was quite strict: they were not allowed to eat meat and fish and have their own possessions.

Their mission was to ransom people from Muslim captivity by means of alms, and sometimes of exchange – me instead of a captive. Their missions were very peaceable. In course of time their Order became popular in other countries too. At the end of the XVIII century they owned more than three hundred of the monasteries.

The Trinitarian Order existed on our land as well. Famous is the monastery of Trinitarians in the village of Krivichi, which was built from 1776 to 1779. It was built on the gentry family of Teresa and Andrey Ukolskie money. Firstly the building was made of wood, as all of the typical constructions of that time, as it was the most affordable and cheap building material. The entrance to the temple, or brama, was made of red brick only in XIX century. There was a stone fencing around the whole Trinitarians' building complex.

This monastery is a historical and cultural monument in a Baroque style, preserved to the present day. A rich interior attire inside the hall with rich moulding and expensive finish speaks for it. The monastery’s building is two-storey and small. Later, in 1796 Saint Apostle Andrew Church was built next to the monastery of Trinitarians. The church was made of brick, as it became affordable and solid. Inside of this church an expensive finish can also be noticed. The church was three-storey and its main value was an altar. The sculpture of  Christ with a wooden ambon was located there as well. The Holy martyr Bobola relic has kept there until today.

Near the monastery the cemetery of soldiers who died in Soviet-Polish war can be seen.

The monastery’s building hasn’t existed since 1887. In the mid XIX century a wooden hospital, where any willing could turn to, was erected.

The Trinitarians Order gains popularity these days. The number of adherers is not great, but it says that the Order doesn’t die out and disappear, but on the contrary increases the quantity. At present the Order owns 97 monasteries all over the world. And today they keep on helping people, who got into a difficult life and political situation.

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