Minsk sea

Zaslavl reservoir, also known as Minsk sea, is located 17 km away from Minsk. It is the second artificial reservoir of Belarus in size and significance.

Its creation in 1956 pursued several aims:

- a struggle against flash floods in Minsk (this refers to the overflows of Svisloch; people got the opportunity to regulate its flow by obstructing it with a dam);

- a creation of sanatorium and health area near Minsk.

The aims were achieved. Now the water serves people: there is a HPP, the reservoir is of great importance for the city water supply and it influences the water-natural balance of the area. It is included into Minsk-Vileyka water system.

Both Minsk residents and guests prefer the lake as a recreation place. Tourist infrastructure reaches modern European standards and continues to grow. Sanatorium and health complex “Yunost”, health and recreation resorts, rental centers, 6 beaches with sand and grass, a yacht club – this is not a full list of what is offered by the recreation service.

Landscape pleases the eye

Earlier there was a swampy territory, flood plains of several rivers on the reservoir’s territory, but today there is endless water up the horizon, a bank overgrown with forest, which is handmade in many areas, clean greenery and air of absolute purity. Here a modern person can get rid of everlasting problems and questions, turn back to the unity with nature. You recollect the true values in such places: kindness, beauty, love. One of eleven artificial isles, by the way, carries the name – the Isle of love.

Character of Minsk sea

The residents of the seaside banks usually treat “their” sea, as a man, personify it with character, appearance, feelings. Minsk resident act the same way, describing the character of Minsk sea as calm, northly reserved. The reservoir reaches 8 meters in depth. In December (sometimes in November) Minsk sea freezes, creating an ice layer of 60 cm in depth. In March-May the flood time begins and sometimes, the sea bears waves under the influence of characteristic north-west wind here.  

The sea is overgrown with bank grass in some places, creating backwater. Rush, cane, reed mace are constant companions of natural reservoirs, which grow here too, along the banks of the artificial one. The sea shelters fish, which is many here, and that means, delights fishermen, who spend hours and days, meditating with a rod in hands.

Services and the recreation organization

Interests of the vacationers on Minsk sea is a subject matter of constant care of the professionals. You can rent everything here, starting from sport equipment and ending with a yacht or a cutter, you can use a summerhouse, a shower, objects of beach furniture, take part in organized entertaining activities.

There are a lot of food service area, suited to any taste: from most exquisite restaurant food to usual for youth fast food.

Transport connection was also taken into consideration: you can get to Minsk sea in your own car (there are enough parking places, the roads are good), by public automobile transport, by electric train or you can accompany a tourist group.

There are a lot of vacationers here, especially on a hot day. Everyone wants to go out of sultry dusty cities. And the sea takes everyone, it bring you joy and cares. The sea calls you.