Mikhailovsky square in Minsk

Mikhailovsky square is an attraction of Minsk located at the intersection of four streets, Leningradskaya, Sverdlova, Kirova Streets and Mikhailovsky lane. It is located in October district of the capital and gladdens not only guests of Minsk city but also its indigenous residents. Why is the square so popular and well-known among locals and visitors of the city? Let’s find out.

The square with a nearly centenary history

The square, which is discussed in our article, was laid nearly a hundred years ago. It was first mentioned in 1925 and the foundation of the city landmark is dated to the same year.  At that time, the square near Vilnius fairs even did not have its own name. And only since 1934 it acquired its own name – Mikhailovsky square, under which the landmark is known to contemporaries.

Why is Minsk square so popular?

First and foremost, Minsk square is so popular for the fact that it is a real green oasis among concrete buildings of the modern capital. It is located close to the railway station, which is every day crossed by thousands and thousands of people coming not only from different corners of Belarus but also from different countries. Therefore, the square is a peculiar hallmark not only of our capital but also of the whole country.  Despite the fact that the species diversity cannot surprise discerning visitors – mostly there are typical for our latitudes poplar, Linden and pine trees, the park still pleases the eye with its abundance of greenery, which is very beneficial to look at the background of multi-storey buildings of the metropolis. In addition, the park features an abundance of dense bushes of rose hips, juniper, forsythia and lilac, which are a kind of barrier from noise coming from the side of Leningradskaya Street.

Moreover, the square is one of the favorite places of Belarusian students. There are buildings of Belarusian State Universities not far from it, so it is no wonder that it has been chosen by students of BSU and BSMU.

The square had been restoring for quite a long time. And only twenty years ago it was opened to the public. The opening of the renovated green urban area in 1998 was timed to the birthday of the capital. In those days, it was one of the few objects which were made in accordance with modern tendencies: its lanes were laid with beautiful figured tiles, there were beautiful lanterns, lovely flower beds, which were made by the utilities of Minsk city. Besides, the park stood out for the fact that there were set several sculptures of famous Vladimir Zhbanov.

Sculptural heritage of Mikhailovsky square

Sculptures, located in picturesque Mikhailovsky square, deserve special attention. These are favorite corners of the green zone, which are photographed not only by the locals but also by many guests of our capital. However, you should get acquainted separately with every “resident” of the park.

“Minsk Lady” (or, according to other versions, “Beautiful Unknown”) is the main photo model of Minsk attraction. This elegant, you might say, “gentry” woman hides from the summer heat under the canopy of trees. She has sat down on one of the benches in the square and happily poses for anyone who wants to make a good shot with the local resident.

 “Girl with an umbrella” is a popular sculpture as well. It happily greets all guests coming from the train station. Despite the overall cheery image of the sculpture, it is a kind of tribute and memory to the victims who died in 1999 at Nemiga station.

“Guy Asking for a Cigarette” is also interesting: it is one of the most mysterious sculptures of Minsk. The prototype of the figure was Vladimir Golynsky, a film producer, having ordered the production of a figure to Zhbanov, soon died. It's no wonder people believe that the installation of monuments to those who are still alive, is bad luck...