The Memorial complex in the village of Dobraya Volya

Belarus is one of a few countries, that was damaged most strongly from the actions of Nazi Germans during the Great Patriotic War terrible events. The Belarusian land absorbed a great quantity of partisans and Soviet soldiers’ blood, and until now the veterans have told with terror and shudder about those frightful events of 1941-1945.

Brest region damaged no less than other cities. Here, in addition to the largest memorial complex “Brest Fortress-hero” other memorable evidence about war victims is kept. Thus, the holocaust victims memorial exists in a small village of Dobraya Volya in Pinsk district.

According to the official information almost all Jewish population perished in Pinsk district. And this number reaches 30 000 people. A lot of memorials are set up to the killed during the Great Patriotic War in the village of Dobraya Volya, in Pinsk district: in the village of Posenichi and Kozlyakovichi, the memorial on Pushkin Street in Pinsk and other historical places. Now the largest excursion route “on the way of remembrance and grief” comes through these places.

The town of Pinsk was liberated from the German invaders on July 14, 1944. The memorial complex in the village of Dobraya Volya is of great interest for the tourists, who are interested in military topics. Tragically, there were places of mass Jews shooting here.

By the way, the village of Dobraya Volya is quite small nowadays. Earlier, during the WWII it was a densely populated village with fifty houses. Now, after more than 60 years only 4-5 houses have left here. The major part of administrative buildings was destroyed by Nazi invaders. After that, the shop and the primary school, for example, were not restored.

The remained after war inhabitants were moved after the Chernobyl desaster. Now, long-lived people, who do not want to leave their native and such dear places have left here. It may safely be said that not numerous local inhabitants live separate, remote from the town lives.

The memorial complex in the village of Dobraya Volya is located in brushwood, there are a lot of cut trees here. A stranger can even lose his way to the memorial, as there are no signs visible here. It seems there is nothing, reminding of harsh war days at first sight here. But the locals – old grannies and grandads tell truly frightening stories, that make your skin crawl and bring tears to your eyes.

Though the holocaust victims memorial complex in the village of Dobraya Volya is not at all big, but still grateful people, who honour the memory of the killed soldiers and remember the unjust shootings of the Jewish population, come here. Who knows, in fact our life could have been completely different…