Memorial stones in honor of Maxim Bogdanovich in the village of Rakutevshchina

Memorial stones in honor of Maxim Bogdanovich in the village of Rakutevshchina


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The history of appearing of a memorial stone in honor of M. Bogdanovich in Rakutevshchina village

In fact, all known and beloved author of many popular works M. Bogdanovich stayed in Rakutevshchina for a couple of months in 1911. However, being in those extraordinary places was very fruitful and significant to the writer that allows all his fans to regard this place in a special way. This village is situated not far from Krasnoe village on the territory of Molodecho district. Today here is housed a small branch of the main literary Museum of M. Bogdanovich. Since the mid-summer of 1983, true connoisseurs of Belarusian culture have begun to gather in these places. During this period, fans of Bogdanovich turn the whole village into a festival ground. In these days, the land is filled with life and very rich and colorful atmosphere of cultural and historical origin.

During the period of staying on the territory of the village, the poet wrote two cycles of poems called “City” and “Old Belarus”. At the same time, he wrote two poems “Village” and “Veronica”, the latter of which was set to music and sung by the famous Belarusian group “Pesnyary”. Bogdanovich devoted that poem to his first love that inspired him to create the work and became a real muse for the writer.

Description of the memorial stone in honor of M. Bogdanovich

At the entrance to Rakutevshchina village from Krasnoe village, there are two memorial stones, which were set by a decision of Minsk local history Museum in the beginning of the summer of 1977. One of the stones is made in the form of a candle and symbolizes the eternal memory of the writer. On the other one, there is a symbolical plate with embossed lines from the famous work of the writer “Sonnet”. Four years later, in 1981, “Maxim’s garden” was planted not far from the monument to famous writers of Belarus.  

Besides those famous stones-boulders, the estate Museum of Bogdanovich was created in the village. By the time of creating the Museum, almost nothing had been left from the estate and it had to be restored from scratch. The Museum was burning in early 2000, and about 70 exhibits were lost. Nowadays the complex consists of such buildings as a manor house, barn and tenant’s house. Nearby you can see the remnants of the newly burned building in the centre of the estate.

The whole complex consisting of the garden, stones and estate is very attractive for visitors and travelers in Rakutevshchina; it allows you to touch the history and life of the great writer. Moreover, it is a real rest on the territory of our Belarusian land.

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