The history of the memorial estate of Y. Kolas “Albut”

The estate “Albut” is one of the parts of the Museum house “Nilolayevshchina”. The Mitskevich family lived in that building in the late 19th– early 20th centuries. As it is known, Mitskevich is a real surname of Y. Kolas. The young writer spent his youth in that place, he wrote his first poem in Albut.  Childhood and youth are the main basis, which usually reveals the talent of a poet. He went to study in Nesvizh Seminary fr om there. Being a young teacher, he came back there every year in the summer months. The author describes in his well-known poem “New Land” these most beautiful and favorite places of the estate “Albut”, in particular the district called Porechye. Y. Kolas really loved that place, because the small homeland inspired him to write masterpieces.

The study of the poem “New land” in 1990 enabled to restore the building of the estate and then to open a literary-memorial exposition in its walls.

Description of the memorial estate of Y. Kolas “Albut”

The building of the estate “Albut” is located in Okinchitsy village, near the town of Stolbtsy (only 5 km). The place is quite picturesque and attractive for visitors and tourists. This Museum, as well as the building of the estate, is a very important, memorable and interesting place for true fans of not only Belarusian culture and architecture, but also, and primarily, for those who care about the literary heritage of our country.

The above-mentioned exposition dedicated to the famous poem is presented in the form of photographs with images of the characters of this piece, as well as manuscripts and publications of different years. Here you can see interesting household items which were used by peasants in the       19-20thcenturies. The compositional completion of this natural-historical exposition is the exhibition “Fishing and beekeeping”, which is located in a renovated part of the barn. Here are rare and original implements for fishing and beekeeping, used by the character of “New Land” Antos. The prototype of the protagonist was Y. Kolas's uncle, who lived all his life side by side with the family of Kolas. In due time, he was a great lover of fishing.

The whole exposition presented in the Museum “Albut” is very interesting and attractive for visitors, because it allows you to plunge fully into the atmosphere of peasant life of those times. Thus, you have an opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn more about the life of the famous writer of Belarus. This area, filled with the spirit of the early 20th century, will give a great opportunity to relax and unwind.  

Today a visit to the complex “Albut” is a part of many excursions and tourist programs. Primarily they aim at educational literary and tourist journeys. The country is proud of such places, which still keep the memory of the past, wh ere there is an opportunity to learn something important from the history of Belarus and touch the life and culture of our illustrious countrymen.