The memorial chapel in Chizhevshchina village

The memorial chapel in Chizhevshchina village


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Kobrin district is located in Brest region, which is most closely connected with the events of 1794. It is known that there was a significant event, the uprising led by Tadeush Kostyushko, in that year. It was suppressed rather quickly; however, it firmly went down in history not only of our country but also of Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania. That is why there is the greatest concentration of historical and architectural monuments dedicated to this event. A small memorial chapel, located in the village of Chizhevshchina in Kobrin district, Brest region, is not an exception.

Historical background

The main prerequisite of uprising, erupted and engulfed the vast territory, was the Partition of the Commonwealth. The Polish nobility was dissatisfied with the Constitution adopted in 1791, therefore, they didn’t show dissatisfaction with the policy of Catherine II outwardly, but they secretly started preparing for an open confrontation.

Lithuanian nobleman Tadeush Kostyushko, who had already proved himself a competent and prudent leader, became a head of the uprising. Initially, the uprising received the support of the Polish and Lithuanian authorities, who managed to push back the Russian army. Kostyushko declared a general mobilization and managed to gather 70 thousand people under his banner. However, the main problem was the lack of firearms.

However, the rebellion was suppressed just six months later. Famous commander Suvorov defeated the rebel forces. Saint Vladimir the Baptist Church, which is a single ensemble with the memorial chapel, was built in 1894 in honor of the victory of Russian troops.

In remembrance of a great battle

The memorial chapel appeared in Chizhevshchina in 2004. However, as it was said before, the history of perpetuating of Krupchitsky battle began in 1894 when, in honor of the centenary of the legendary battle, Saint Vladimir the Baptist Church was built. The place was chosen not by chance – the historical event occurred there, but earlier the village, which we now know under the name of Chizhevshchina, was called Krupchitsy. The church had been operating for a long time, but the service had not been carried out in the years of atheism. When the mass return of churches began, the Church of Saint Vladimir the Baptist also gained a new life. It happened in 1989. Fifteen years later, it was decided to honor the memory of fallen soldiers and that’s why a memorial chapel was built. According to historical data, about 700 people were killed there. The memorial, built next to the chapel, tells everyone who are not indifferent that on the 17th of September, 1794 “a great battle of Kostyushko on the Belarusian land” occurred.

If you are fond of Belarusian history and architecture – you should necessarily visit Kobrin, which will definitely surprise you!

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