Memorial Three bayonets in Vitebsk

Memorial Three bayonets in Vitebsk


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Each city has objects dedicated to the Great Victory. One of the most outstanding memorial complexes is located in the northern regional center. A monument Three bayonets (or so called Treshka) rises majestically on Victory Square — the largest in the country. It was created in honor of the soldiers-liberators, partisans and underground fighters. The monument reminds of the horrors of war and the great sacrifice of the Soviet people.

Three bayonets in Vitebsk: history and appearance

The sculptors B. Markov, Y. Pechkin and the architect Y. Shpit worked on the project. The technical documentation was prepared in 1971. The work was completed in 1974. The memorial complex in Vitebsk was opened in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the city and the 30th anniversary of the liberation from the Nazi invaders.

The monument consists of three 56-meter trapezoidal pylons-obelisks. They are narrowed upwards and are united by a monolithic frieze at a height of 5 m. Memorial inscriptions are made on the inner edges of the Three Bayonets monument in Vitebsk. The sculptural images on the frieze symbolize partisans, underground fighters and warriors. The eternal flame is burning on the podium. Nearby are the pylons marked with the years of the Second World War. To understand what the monument means in Vitebsk, one should come to Victory Square and pay tribute to the memory of the immortal feat of the people.


In 2009, restoration work began. The asphalt was replaced with red paving slabs. The bronze sculptures at the obelisk were cleaned, toned and waxed. Instead of a public garden, thujas were planted, a stage and LED screens were installed. Still not far from the memorial complex Three bayonets in Vitebsk, fountains and additional lighting appeared. The reconstruction was completed in 2010.

Public holidays are held there. In winter, an ice rink is flooded, before the New Year, a tree appears at the square.

What other memorable places to see

If you want to see other monuments of the Great Patriotic War in Vitebsk, you should visit Victory Park. It is located next to the memorial. There is the Alley of Military Glory, where military equipment is presented. During the walk, you will discover so many interesting places that you will not notice how time flies by!

There is also a military monument in Vitebsk in honor of the pilot A. Horovets. In July 1943, he engaged 20 bombers and shot down 9 aircraft — it became a record. Horovets was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Speaking about the monuments in Vitebsk related to the Second World War, one cannot fail to mention the sculpture Children of War. A boy and a girl, full of despair, are sitting on the steps. They look at the last piece of bread ... This composition captures a great tragedy.

You can learn about other pages of the history of Belarus and the sights of Vitebsk during an excursion or a few-day tour. If you are planning an independent trip, study the mini-guide to the cult objects of the Vitebsk region.

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