The Memorial of the Rose in Minsk

The Memorial of the Rose in Minsk


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The history of the memorial of " the Rose" in Minsk

In the late spring of 1999, on May 30 in Minsk there was a horrifying tragedy with which the territory of modern Belarus had not previously encountered. To this day, nothing foretold trouble, was a regular beer festival, but suddenly the weather deteriorated and it started raining heavily with thunderstorm. As soon as the rain changed to hail, the crowd ran to the underpass to the "Nemiga" to shelter from bad weather. Strong crush began in the crowd, there is the factor of self-indulgence, wet steps, shoes with heels in girls. The result of all this was 53 deaths, almost all of the victims were very young at the age of 14 - 20 years, among them 40 women and 13 young men. In addition to the dead also had 150 of the victims, who received injuries of different nature.

It is the number of deaths became a symbol of the memorial erected by "Rose", which was erected three years later after this great tragic event.

Description of memorial of Rose

Memorial of Rose presented in 53 colors of metal in a chaotic manner lying on metaphorical levels. Among 53 plants there are 40 roses (the symbol of girls) and 13 tulips (guys) that have a crumpled look, and broken stems. Very subtly and deeply the creators of the memorial came to its creation, to best reflect the pain of loss and severity of loss. This is a really tragic event for the country. To the left of the flowers is the small size of the chapel, the top of which is the Orthodox cross and a plate with the names of all the victims of this terrible tragedy, as well as a few lines from the gospel.

For a long time, the transition to the Nemiga was a kind of visiting place for people, friends and relatives of the victims who were placed on the walls of the transition photos of the dead, brought fresh flowers and small icons, as well as lit the memory candles.

This tragedy at the underpass on the Nemiga can remind myself one more monument on the streets of Minsk. In honor of this tragic event in the Mikhailovsky public garden V. Zhbanov has posted one of his works "Girl with umbrella".

Time passes, after a while, after that terrible day, memories of the event are weakened. Already you can very rare see flowers at the memorial, photos of the dead had long ceased to hang on the wall of the transition. Remember the tragedy of 1-2 June. In normal everyday time this memorial is a popular meeting place in the youth of the capital. Each of the young people of Minsk knows the phrase "meet me on the roses". In this way, the youngsters remember only the positive, trying to "dilute" the darkness of the place. In the process of excursions in Minsk this memorial did not pass, and they tell visitors of the capital on the monument and the events of that day that will remain in the memory of all inhabitants of Belarus, and also people who heard the story of this tragedy.

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