The chalk pits near Volkovysk

While earlier such a picturesque place as chalk pits was known only among the residents of Krasnoselsky village in Grodno region, today “the Belarusian Maldives” are a true tourist Mecca where almost every Belarusian family comes on hot summer days. Why waste money on a fabulously rich rest in Spain, whereas landscapes are not worse in native Belarus than abroad? The chalk pits near Volkovysk attract not only numerous holidaymakers but also curious tourists willing to take pictures of the nature that is unusual for Belarus, newly-weds that want to amaze with an original photo session, extreme divers watching such an underwater beauty that it is not necessary to go to the Mediterranean, enthusiastic fishermen that are proud of a huge pike, Belarusian celebrities that shoot videos in the colorful sites.

The chalk pits near Volkovysk are one of the most popular tour itineraries with a note of extreme. That’s because the places most popular with holidaymakers are not for mass tourism: swimming is banned here, there are no presentable beaches and sunburnt beach-rescue in shorts. But it is no match for extreme Belarusians that pitch numerous tents, barbecue and sing intimate songs near campfire every summer. The popular chalk pits are on the balance of “Krasnoselskstroymaterialy”. Prospecting for mineral deposits was carried out in that territory, the worked out pits were filled with water after that. As there are colossal deposits of chalk at the bottom of each pit, the water has gradually become very bright, untypical for this area. The depth of the pits reaches four kilometers. It is not true that the water in the pit is crystal-clear. In fact, the chalk contained in it has damaging effects on lungs and skin, so the local people do not enter the water.

The chalk pits near Volkovysk refer to technical objects but the further fate of the man-made lakes raises many questions. There are radical proposals to completely destroy the lakes filling them with tons of sand. There are other effective measures: to organize a legal tourism industry and get a good income in the future. But firstly it is necessary to improve the surrounding territory so that it would be comfortable and maximum safe for holidaymakers.

It is definitely worth visiting the chalk pits near Volkovysk. You need only a free day and a great longing for this. The sky-blue water and amazing slopes will do their best to make you not to forget the fantastic landscapes. And if we add to this the steep banks, massive stones and pebbles under the feet, then the whole picture painted by nature will become complete.

The chalk pits near Volkovysk are worth visiting on a sunny day. If there is earthy heaven it is in Krasnoselsky.