Chalk quarries near Krichev

Belarus is a country of lakes, but even here you can easily find a kind of “resorts”, especially if it is difficult to escape from the country during a long-awaited summer vacation. One of these alternatives is the chalk quarries near Krichev in Mogilev region.

Popularity background

Like many other chalk quarries in Belarus, Krichev ones were created by human hands in the process of chalk development organization. In this case we are talking about the cement-slate plant. As for the town of Krichev, it is located relatively not far from the famous quarries – only five kilometers away, making it easy to get here even by bicycle.

It is interesting that Krichev quarries are associated with religious activities and “acquire” appropriate legends at times. For example, one of the cement plant workers found the face’s outlines of the Mother of God on one of the quarry slopes relatively recently, and that news spread pretty quickly and became the cause of a number of pilgrim tours from all parts of Belarus.

The nuances, which are worth paying attention to

Every year, the state worries more and more about the safety of the population, concerning this, an access to such natural attractions as chalk quarries throughout Belarus is gradually closing. The thing is that, in contrast to the sanitized and adapted for bathing and recreation zones, Krichev quarries are not completely comply with all safety regulations, especially regarding those people, who do not swim well.

The reason for this, firstly, is in rather steep quarry slopes. Only in a few places you can find a gentle slope – these areas where tourists usually gather. Secondly, there are several springs with cold water, and without knowing that, you can get a leg cramp. Finally, thirdly, the slopes are not equipped and fixed, so you should approach water quite cautiously.

Besides, if you want to visit the chalk quarries near Krichev, you ought to acquire a navigator, as it’s rather difficult to find them for the first time. Quite bushy and impenetrable thickets await you, this fact greatly complicates the access in large vehicles here.

In spite of all the nuances and disadvantages, every year a growing number of willing people (including regular visitors) come to the territory of Krichev district, wishing to gift themselves and their family an unforgettable and, last but not least, inexpensive holiday on the Belarusian Maldives (this comparison has long been firmly fixed itself in the folk).

Discover Belarus in a new way, and you will appreciate the diversity of the country’s natural wealth.