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Mariana Calvary

Mariana Calvary

Grodno region, Ostrovetsky district, near Dubok village

Historical and cultural complexes

The Mariana Calvary is a complex of structures and stations: the Church of the Mother of God of Tireless Help (1929), the chapel-tomb (1936), the chapel-grotto (1936), the chapel-Brama (1936) Every year on the first Sunday of July, a holiday is held in Dubka, during which hundreds of believers pass through 7 stations of the Mariana Calvary. The festival opens with a solemn service in a wooden church. The temple was built in the traditions of folk wooden architecture. Near the church, a bell hangs on a structure of two wooden pillars, on the side of which you can read a donation inscription from the director of the factory from Kotovitsa, the bell was donated to the church in 1934 and weighs 40 kg. After the service in the church, the faithful pass through all the stations with prayer.

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